Indian Roadmaster PowerPlus and Chieftain PowerPlus Coming for 2025

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Liquid-cooled touring models to have 112ci displacement can confirm that Indian is preparing liquid-cooled versions of the Roadmaster and Chieftain for 2025, possibly using a new 1,834cc (112ci) version of the PowerPlus engine that currently powers the Challenger and Pursuit models.

This information comes to us via an internal Indian document that we have obtained, containing details of its future model plans. The document includes a 2025 model year vehicle identification number decoder listing the new liquid-cooled models, identifying them as the Chieftain PowerPlus and Roadmaster Powerplus, as well as the new engine displacement. Based on the names, we expect these models will be equipped with a fork-mounted fairing, offering alternatives to the Indian Challenger and Pursuit.

The 1,834cc (112ci) engine is listed alongside the 1,768cc (108ci) engine currently powering the Pursuit and Challenger. There are also four trim levels: base, Dark Horse, Elite/Limited Edition, and Limited. It's unclear whether the larger engine will be used for the new Chieftain PowerPlus or Roadmaster PowerPlus, or reserved for specific trims.

With the two new PowerPlus models, Indian’s liquid-cooled heavyweight touring range will offer four models. If you want a frame-mounted fairing, you have the Challenger bagger or the Pursuit tourer with the passenger backrest/top case. If you prefer a fork-mounted batwing, you have the Chieftain PowerPlus bagger and Roadmaster PowerPlus tourer.

Fans of the Thunderstroke 116 need not fret, as the documents suggest the air-cooled Roadmaster and Chieftain will remain part of the 2025 lineup, hence the appending of “PowerPlus” to the names of the new liquid-cooled models. The documents also mention the possibility of a 122ci version, either as an engine upgrade or as a stock configuration.

It's not clear when we can expect Indian to announce the new 2025 Roadmaster and Chieftain PowerPlus. At its recent 2023 fourth quarter presentation, Polaris Industries teased some notable announcements to come for all its divisions, including Indian. We suspect Indian will want to give the just-announced FTR x RSD Super Hooligan a bit of space before announcing something else that would only draw attention from the limited edition model.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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    William lol . We like tunes, we like wind abuse after 7 hours of highway not to wipe us out. Also having woman on back is a plus. Small bar hopping ok long rides you keep your opinion it sounds winded

  • MG of Southern Illinois MG of Southern Illinois on Feb 27, 2024

    Looks like Indian is getting ahead of the curve introducing liquid cooled V-Twins across more of the lineup. Emissions are putting a squeeze on air cooled engines.