Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

That’s your slo-mo inner voice as your poor, sweet, innocent cell phone pops out of your hand and turns lazily, end over end, as it careens to its doom. Maybe it’s headed towards concrete, where the screen will shatter into dozens of finger-slicing shards. Worse, maybe it’s sinking into the blue water of a Bonnaroo Festival Porta Potty. Worse still, it’s falling out of your motorcycle’s phone mount and doing an impression of a tiny Evel Knievel as it merrily bounces off the pavement in your rear-view mirror.

Okay, so maybe the Porta Potty scenario is worse… Still, at least there’s someone to help you from becoming a victim of scenario number three: Tackform. Back in 2012, founder Nick Lullo surveyed the phone mount products on the market and found them lacking. You probably remember some of them — made from cheap, flimsy materials, with “obvious failure points and poor functionality,” to quote Tackform. They were either made out of chintzy-looking plastic or vinyl, or if they were of quality construction, offered a bland, industrial look that might not have matched your top-of-the-line cruiser, ADV bike or touring rig. Do you really want to put a zinc-plated C-clamp and locknuts in plain view on your murdered-out Harley CVO?

So, Lullo knew what his mission was: to create a company that designs and manufactures high-quality, durable mounting solutions specifically attuned to the needs of the thousands of riders it serves today. The products are packed with innovations and durable, quality construction. Check out the Enduro Series Phone Mount: kits are available to mount from your brake or clutch reservoir perch to free up handlebar space, or on your bars (one clamp fits 7/8th, 1 inch and 1.25-inch bars) — or just about anywhere else you’d want to put it.

The clamp itself is extruded and CNC-machined aluminum, uses an industrial-strength, stainless-steel spring and is easy to use one-handed, even with gloves. And no worries about fit; it can open wide enough to fit almost any phone, even with your favorite protective case. It’s also very secure: the 20mm mounting ball is made of aluminum, with an all metal construction including the arm and connecting pieces. Plus the mounts comes with a lifetime warranty for added confidence, meaning they should last the life of your phone and bike, as well as your phone and bike after this phone and bike. Don’t want the anodized brushed-aluminum finish? There’s chrome bar-mounting hardware so you can perfectly match your mount to your bike’s look.

Tackform is a great example of a motorcycle accessory company that excels because it focuses on a single problem: keeping your phone secure, visible and easy to use, regardless of bike model, riding style or terrain. It’s the kind of mount that appeals to riders who have high-quality bikes that deserve high-quality parts. Check out Tackform’s website right now to see the full product line, learn more about the company and to watch Nick drop bowling balls on the mounts to prove their next-level durability.