2024 Moto Guzzi V85 Range – First Look

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

VVT and new street-focused V85 Strada

Moto Guzzi has updated its V85 adventure range, adopting variable valve timing, a six-axis IMU, and adding a new road-oriented V85 Strada variant joining the V85 TT and the luggage-equipped V85 TT Travel. Moto Guzzi also gave the V85 range a slight refresh, giving the adventure bikes a slightly more modern sheen without drastically changing its look.

The overall lines of the 2024 V85 range remain familiar, but Moto Guzzi replaced the steel trellis headlight and instrument panel mount with a new die-cast aluminum piece. A similar looking aluminum grab rail also replaces the previous steel tube unit for the V85 TT and V85 TT Travel, and it is available as an option for the Strada model.

The windscreen is now adjustable and has a new shape, with Moto Guzzi claiming a 37% reduction in air pressure to the rider. Moto Guzzi also added wider handguards and a new cover on the front of the tank near the ignition lock to further reduce airflow to the rider.

All three variants are powered by an air-cooled 853cc 90° V-Twin, with roller tappets and aluminum rocker arms and 42.5 mm titanium intake valves. To comply with Euro 5+ requirements, Moto Guzzi added a variable valve timing system, with the added benefit of improving torque delivery. Moto Guzzi claims the engine provides a peak output of 61.2 lb-ft. at 5,100 rpm, with 90% of that peak available at 3,500 rpm. Peak power output also sees a boost, with Moto Guzzi claiming an increase to 80 hp at 7,750 rpm from the previous 76 hp at 7,500 rpm.

The V85 TT models gain a new six-axis IMU (optional on the V85 Strada), enabling cornering ABS. The electronics package also includes cruise control, traction control, and a ride-by-wire throttle control with selectable ride modes. All three variants offer Road, Sport, and Rain modes, while the V85 TT and V85 TT Travel add an Off-Road mode with less traction control intervention and rear wheel ABS disabled (front wheel ABS can also be turned off). The V85 TT Travel will also have a Custom mode for personalized settings; the V85 TT and Strada will only have access to Custom as an add-on.

The fork is the same 41 mm inverted fork with adjustable preload and rebound as the 2023 model. The double-sided swingarm is again supported by a single rear shock with adjustable preload and rebound, though on the two TT models, it gains a remote preload adjuster.

The brakes are the same across all three models, with dual 320mm discs and Brembo radial-mount four-piston calipers up front, and a 260mm disc with a two-piston floating caliper at the rear.

2024 Moto Guzzi V85 Strada

The V85 Strada is the new, road-focused model in the range, with cast aluminum alloy wheels and Dunlop Trailmax Meridian tires. With a focus on reducing weight, the Strada loses the hand guards and skid plate from the other models, and adopts a more streamlined tail. As a result, its claimed curb weight of 498 pounds is 9 pounds lighter than the V85 TT and 37.5 pounds lighter than the V85 TT Travel.

The rear suspension is still adjustable but lacks the remote adjuster found on its siblings, and the V85 Strada retains the same 6.7 inches of front and rear travel as the TT models.

The Strada will be offered in Grigio Brera gray or Nero Isola black.

2024 Moto Guzzi V85 TT

The V85 TT will be offered in a two-tone Rosso Fuji red or Grigio Tambora gray livery, with a red painted frame and color matched rear spring.

2024 Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel

Offered only in Bronzo Deserto, the V85 TT Travel adds a taller windscreen with side deflectors, with Moto Guzzi claiming a 50% reduction in helmet buffeting. The Urban series ABS/aluminum side cases also come standard, offering 37 liters of storage on the right side and 27.5 liters on the left where the exhaust sits.

Also standard on the Travel model are heated grips, a heated seat, and smartphone connectivity via the Moto Guzzi MIA multimedia platform.

2024 Moto Guzzi V85 Specifications

Engine Type

Transverse air-cooled 90° V-Twin, two valves per cylinder (titanium intake).


853 cc

Bore and stroke

84 x 77 mm

Compression ratio

10.5: 1


78.9 hp at 7,750 rpm (claimed)


61.2 lb-ft. at 5,100 rpm (claimed)


Electronic fuel injection; Ø 52 mm single throttle body, Ride-by-Wire

Fuel tank capacity

23 liters (including 5-liter reserve)


Euro 5+

Fuel consumption (WMTC cycle)

4.9 l/100 km

CO2 emissions (WMTC cycle)

119 g/km


Dry single disc


6-speed gearbox


Tubular high-strength steel frame

Front suspension

Hydraulic upside-down telescopic fork, Ø 41 mm, adjustable spring preload and rebound hydraulics; 6.7 inches of travel

Rear suspension

Double-sided swingarm in box-type aluminum with a single shock on the right side, with adjustable spring (controlled via a knob on the V85 TT and V85 TT Travel) preload and hydraulic rebound; 6.7 inches of travel

Front brake

Double 320 mm stainless steel floating discs, Brembo radial-mounted calipers with 4 opposed pistons.

Rear brake

Ø 260 mm stainless steel disc, floating caliper with 2 pistons


Spoked (V85 Strada: with aluminum alloy spokes)

Front Wheel

Cross-spoke tubeless 2.50” x 19”

Rear Wheel

Cross-spoke tubeless 4.25” x 17”

Front Tire

Tubeless 110/80 - R19”

Rear Tire

Tubeless 150/70 - R17”

Seat height

32.7 inches

Curb weight

V85 TT: 507 pounds (claimed)

V85 TT Travel: 536 pounds (claimed)

V85 Strada: 498 pounds (claimed)

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