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Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield
poll mo educated riding schools

We all know what school self-taught motorcyclists end up attending: The School of Really Hard Knocks. Really hard. Since we think that MO readers are somewhat more intelligent and skillful than your garden variety motorcyclist, we thought we’d ask about your level of moto-education. What categories of riding schools have you attended? Have you stayed with street only, or maybe dirt only. Did you move up to performance riding? Perhaps even racing?

Basic Rider Training

Track/Racing School Buyer’s Guide

Rider Training Buyers Guide – Adventure And Off-Road

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  • Douglas Douglas on Feb 22, 2017

    I've been thru 2 different advanced (street) courses.....both very worthwhile. Both had the stated goal of not teaching you to ride, but spotting bad habits riders develop over the years, pointing them out (& why they're bad) and helping you start correcting them. One course was an MSF curriculum run by the state univ, the other by a local PD. I recommend both to everyone I know, even experienced "tank pinchers."

  • Grrrringilroy Grrrringilroy on Feb 23, 2017

    There are tons of intermediate and advanced riding classes out there. I suggest Total Control IRC and ARC. They are available through Total Control's website. MSF's Advanced RiderCourse is also good.
    MSF's BRC2/ERC is merely a review of the BRC and is good for returning riders and an occasional refresher on the basics.
    Most trackday providers also provide some level of training as well.