The liquidation of Buell Motorcycles

Everything must go

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jan. 18, 2010
Buell Motorcycles’ assets will be sold in a liquidation sale beginning Jan 28.

Conducted by Michigan-based Liquid Asset Partners, the sale will run until Feb. 28 and includes over 1,000 items, ranging from industrial manufacturing equipment, to office furniture to trucks and trailers to motorcycles.

Buell had a great run as a quality American motorcycle with fans worldwide,” says Bill Melvin Jr., CEO of Liquid Asset Partners. “Buell spared no expense in making their beautiful bikes and in purchasing the factory equipment. There is a tremendous interest in the equipment and vehicles left in the factory and there are so many tools nobody will go home empty handed.”

Items include a couple of non-Buell motorcycles, a 1998 KTM Dakar, a 2008 KTM SuperDuke, a 1999 BMW 1100RT and a 2007 Triumph Speed Triple.

Every item must be sold, regardless of cost or loss. The sale will be conducted at Buell’s factory in East Troy, Wis.

Liquid Asset Partners' gallery of liquidation sale items includes this picture of Buell workers in happier times.

“This factory was a state of the art, small scale factory. It’s the type of facility that many tools and items will be of great interest to the home mechanic and motorcycle fanatic,” says Bill Melvin Jr., CEO of Liquid Asset Partners. “To make the sale successful we are prepared to deeply discount the inventory and sell everything in one month! It’s stacked high and we're selling it cheap. The public won’t want to miss these deals.”

Click here for the liquidation sale’s full inventory.