Buell Motorcycle Factory Looks Like a Fun Place to Work! [Video]

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

Job positions included for your convenience!

Motorcycle.com’s own Kevin Duke recently took a tour of Erik Buell’s “little” garage where Buell motorcycles are dreamed up and created and it looks like a mighty fine place to work!

The Buell factory is a quite small operation but quite technically advanced, using high-tech testing facilities and computer programs to design, build, and test out their bikes. There’s only 170 people on staff!

Just 170 employees are responsible for the entire operation, and Mr. Buell joked during the tour, “Ducati has more people in their race department than I have in my whole company!”

Holy crap! I bet all those 170 employees are total gear-heads, dedicated to their work. It also looks like they are hiring! Harley-Davidson, their major partner/investor, seem to be in charge of the hiring by the looks of it, but I’ve included all the job positions available in Wisconsin, where the Buell factory is located. I’m betting those spots are for Buell.

See the rest of the article for possible job positions at Buell, Motorcycle.com’s video tour of the factory, and head over to their “ Buell Factory Tour” written report to get details.


Buell Jobs

Corporate Conformity of Production Lead
WisconsinEngineering Sr. Project Engineer
WisconsinEngineering Staff Technical Specialist
WisconsinEngineering Tax Analyst
WisconsinFinance Assistant Manager General Merchandise
WisconsinGeneral Merchandise Designer
WisconsinGeneral Merchandise General Merchandise Associate Manager
WisconsinGeneral Merchandise Product Manager
WisconsinGeneral Merchandise Security Analyst Sr (SAP)
WisconsinInformation Services Advanced Manufacturing Technical Staff Engineer
WisconsinManufacturing / Plant Ops Development Purchasing Analyst Sr
WisconsinP&A/Parts & Accessories Developmental Purchasing Analyst
WisconsinPurchasing Supply Base Analyst Sr
WisconsinPurchasing Manager, Service Marketing & Retail Capabilities
WisconsinQuality Assistant Product Manager Retail Environment
WisconsinSales Manager, eMarketing
WisconsinSales & Marketing Manager, Project Event Operations
WisconsinSales & Marketing Sr. Project Manager, eMarketing
WisconsinSales & Marketing Sr. Project Manager, eMarketing
WisconsinSales & Marketing

Head over to their job postings to see where else Harley-Davidson is hiring.

Mark Prociw
Mark Prociw

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