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Elliot Strong
by Elliot Strong
Anyone out in MO-land have an extraordinarily cool motorcycle? Would you like to have a chance of having it featured on MO? Read on for some detailz-n-stuff...

We’re working on an article about readers’ modified bikes, so if you have a creatively customized ride, send us some pictures and some notes about what you've done, or are doing, with your baby. I would like to see a broad variety of bikes, from vintage café racers to modern sportbikes. Got a Mad Max-style 70's thrasher bike that puts out hellacious amounts of power? Cool. Got a slick new bike that you've done more than add a pipe and PIAA's to? Let's have a look.

Submissions will be judged rather subjectively, I'll admit that up front. Everyone has a different point of view on what's cool and what's atrociously wretched, but in the pursuit of objective judging and inclusion of all types of bikes, we'll lay out the categories that will be used in reviewing the bikes (all scored 0-5):

Creativity/Originality; Visual (paint scheme, visual mods, visceral appeal, etc.); Mechanical/performance modifications (improvements in handling, power, etc.)

If you are interested in showing us what you've got, please send some sample pictures and info about your project to sta [email protected]

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