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Photobook “Adventure Riding in the American West” is live on Kickstarter!

Olivier de Vaulx, a long-time collaborator with our friends over at Upshift Magazine as well as many other international publications, has launched a project of his own on Kickstarter this week: A 200-page photo book that compiles 10 years of riding in the most remote places of the West.

Cutting no corners, as Olivier says, this book will be a 9 x 12 inch hardcover, printed on archival-quality paper. "The American countryside cannot be given justice outside of a panoramic format," says de Vaulx, "So the layout will prioritize large photos to enhance the visual experience."

The Kickstarter campaign will fund the costs of printing and shipping. We believe that anyone who loves ADV bikes and off-road adventures will enjoy the stunning pictures featured in this book, while their friends and family will be amazed by the diversity of landscape and the abundant wildlife… It’s a great gift to promote our passion for adventure riding.

The first edition will be an instant collector, so don’t wait. Backers of the project will get this unique book with cool perks like the author’s signature, a calendar, a special cover, and even an early bird discount for those jumping on the bandwagon first.

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