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It's with great pride that Kenny Roberts announces his entry into thesportbike marketplace with KR TUNED. This new KR brand will focus onexclusive, high-end, high-performance exhaust systems and chassiscomponents for sportbikes, using Kenny's MotoGP experience that goes"BeyondPerformance."

KR Tuned was conceived as a conduit to apply the MotoGP engineering fromTeam Roberts race shop to the creation of sportbike exhausts andaccessories. Utilizing nearly twenty years of experience from the world'sbest motorcycle race engineers, KR Tuned provides discerning riders withthepinnacle in handcrafted, MotoGP race-shop developed exhaust systems andaccessories. "King" Kenny, as he's been referred to since his first worldchampionship,has an unequaled list of World Grand Prix successes as both a racer andteam owner.

As a racer, Roberts earned three consecutive 500cc WorldChampionshiptitles, while redefining the riding style of all racers to follow. As ateam owner, Roberts secured three more 500cc World Championships, alongwith a 250cc title with American riders, adding many more podium finishesto his successes. After taking on the unprecedented challenge of creatinghis own 500cc KR3 GP race bikes in 1997, followed by the 990cc MotoGP KR5,Kenny now uses Honda's new 800cc 212V motor in his KR212V MotoGP racebike, ridden by his son, and former World Champion, Kenny Roberts Jr.

Kenny Roberts said, "After all these years of conceiving, engineering andbuilding the world's most exclusive Grand Prix race bikes, we saw it wastime to share our unique engineering skills with the enthusiasts whosupport us. By using our race engineers who normally create and tuneMotoGP components, we have an unparalleled design team dedicated to theinterests of street riders."

Engineered and produced for winning, the KR Tuned product line is marketedthrough an alliance with Hotbodies Racing, known for its dedication to thesport. Roger Davis, owner of Hotbodies Racing, said, "Last year we signedon to sponsor Kenny's MotoGP team, and after he saw our commitment to theindustry he knew we were a natural fit to market his products. We'reexcited about the alliance of our companies. Bringing the skills of KennyRoberts to street riders is the dream of any enthusiast, so we're veryproud that it's our reality."

KR Tuned products will be available through every Parts Unlimited dealerworldwide and directly through to find out more information about KR Tuned products andthe Team Roberts MotoGP race team.

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