ISDE veteran Scott Bright plans to show the world just how versatile the KTM 1090 Adventure is, whether rallying through the desert or cruising the Baja Peninsula. Bright plans to do both. Colorado native Scott Bright has been competing in various forms of motorcycling racing for more than 20 years. Focusing his efforts on rally and enduro-style events over the past years, Bright has been a force to be reckoned with in the art of off-road racing. After winning the Baja Rally Championship in 2014, Bright took a nasty spill while filming an Icon Raiden promotional video a couple years later, suffering two broken arms among other injuries. That didn’t stop the determined racer, and months later after plenty of painful rehab, Scott competed in his first ever Dakar Rally, finishing 53rd overall.

2017 KTM 1090 Adventure R Vs. KTM 1190 Adventure R

Scott now plans to head back to the Baja Rally aboard a 500+ lb motorcycle to show the world the capabilities of modern adventure motorcycles, specifically the KTM 1090 Adventure R. Some may scoff at the idea of taking an adventure bike on a rally of this level, however, Scott has full confidence in both the motorcycle and his own ability. Those who question Scott need not look further than his list of International Six Days Enduro accomplishments, rally history, and a previous Baja Rally championship win.

2017 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R Review: First Ride

To further illustrate that the 1090 Adventure R is not only an incredible off-road machine but an amazing all-around motorcycle, Scott will have his wife Cindy join him aboard the KTM for a road trip all the way down the peninsula to Cabo. To those close to Scott, it may be no surprise that he would be happy to spend a more leisurely (we hope) with his wife. A recent conversation with a friend who knows Scott started off with mention of how great of a family he has and how wonderful of a family man he is. They also mentioned how Scott always takes the time to stop and help or share his knowledge and years of experience when needed. We hope Scott has a blast at the Baja Rally this October and lands himself a spot on the podium. Good luck from all of us here at MO!

Check out the press release from the Baja Rally below:

Bright is back!

2014 BAJA RALLY Champion Has Overcome Injuries, Conquered Dakar And Now He’s Ready to Reclaim the Title

Scott Bright is bringing the big guns to the BAJA RALLY this October. Aboard a stock KTM 1090R, he is ready to take back his 2014 title – in the Adventure Class no less. He wants to prove not only the capability of the bike, but well, of himself too. The KTM has 500 miles under its tires and Bright plans to put some distance on his new machine exploring Baja’s backcountry in search of Way Points, Finish Lines and Glory. When the ceremony has died down, his lovely wife Cindy will hop on the passenger seat and the two will cruise the peninsula to the tip putting the versatile 1090R to yet another test: touring.

“I am really excited to be going back to the BAJA RALLY! It has been a long time coming. 2015 and ’16 brought me several injuries but at the same time saw me through the Dakar Rally. And now I’m ready to take on the BAJA RALLY on KTM’s 1090R. It’s a very capable bike, and I am out to prove it. The bike is just that good.” – Scott Bright

The BAJA RALLY is a world-class off-road navigation race fashioned from the infamous Dakar Rally. BAJA RALLY strives to be North America’s most prestigious Rally Raid – and in many ways, the first of its kind. Most people wouldn’t associate a motorcycle race with “eco-adventure” but in the Mexican State of Baja California, stranger things have happened. Through strategic planning in conjunction with several branches of the Mexican government, the organization has set high standards for international off-road competition by providing an overall quality racing affair while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint, promoting tourism & trade in Baja, and supplying job opportunities for the local community and beyond. The Media team use their unique skills and positions in their industry to connect the organization – by way of photo-editorials, video features, on-going press releases, industry experiences and maintaining a social media presence – to a wide audience both familiar and unfamiliar with navigational competitions, the Dakar Rally and BAJA RALLY itself.

Bright is no stranger to Rally Raid. He’s spent years competing in such races as ISDE, the Sardegna FIM Rally, and the Dakar Rally, to name a few. In 2016, Scott launched the Shady Burro Enduro to further share his passion for dirt bike racing. And after a short hiatus, Scott will be back in Baja October 9th – 14th to show us that two broken arms, a broken pelvis and three years couldn’t keep him off the podium. Stay tuned to BAJA RALLY’s social pages – Facebook and Instagram – to follow Scott’s progress and show your support for his fellow competitors.