Poll: Could You Use a Motorcycle as Your Daily Driver/Rider?

Seth Fargher
by Seth Fargher

If you could, would your ride your motorcycle everywhere?

There are several factors that might inhibit a motorcycle from being your only motor vehicle. It could be the weather, your office dress code, or maybe you need to pick up the kids from school which might make using a motorcycle daily a challenge. But if you could eliminate all the variables, would you use a motorcycle as your daily driver?

Seth Fargher
Seth Fargher

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  • Ryan Chelberg Ryan Chelberg on Mar 12, 2018

    I live in Northern VA, so I'm stopped by the cold weather, other than that I try to commute on the bike as much as possible as it save me major money on gas, wear and tear on my jeep.

  • Kamil Kamil on Mar 14, 2018

    From what age you can get your child as a pilion pasanger ?
    Its any one know ? My kid its 5 yo and reach to pegs its that allow to kid go on bike ?