Kramer Motorcycles Teases A Super Hooligan-Inspired Naked Bike

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

Is the market ready for a track-only naked bike?

On its social channels recently, Kramer Motorcycles, maker of highly-specialized track-only motorcycles utilizing KTM engines in bespoke chassis, teased its latest creation – a naked bike. Inspired by the Super Hooligan racing series that has gained huge popularity in the MotoAmerica series, Kramer took its standard GP2-890R track bike, and with the help of KTM stunt rider Rok Bagoros, transformed it into this stunner you see before you.

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If you don’t know, the Kramer GP2-890R is powered by the 890cc parallel-Twin originally found in the KTM 890 Duke R – but that’s where the KTM crossover stops. It’s wrapped in a custom frame with top-shelf WP suspension, Brembo Stylema calipers, and lightweight Dymag forged aluminum wheels. The Kramer signature piece is the rotomolded seat that does triple duty as the seat, subframe and fuel tank. Fully topped up and ready to race, the GP2 tips the scales just slightly over 300 lbs.

The transformation from GP2 to Hooligan seems pretty straightforward, really. As far as the conversion to a naked bike goes, you start with a GP2, remove the fairings, ditch the clip-ons, add a different triple clamp, and put a handlebar on it. It’s hard to tell from these photos, but longer brake lines might also be in order. To complete the look and finish off the appearance of the bike, there’s a front number plate, side number plates, and a belly pan at the bottom. All in all, not a big change.

If we’re getting picky, the number plates aren’t the standard issue plates the Super Hooligan series uses, but it doesn’t matter because technically the whole bike isn’t legal for the class to begin with. This is just a styling exercise to drum up interest and see if current Kramer GP2 owners would be interested in a kit to convert their bikes, or if prospective Kramer owners would pull the trigger on a bike like this.

“At various trackdays and races we’ve been to this year, I noticed that about 20% of the bikes I saw were naked bikes,” says Jensen Beeler, Global Head of Sales for Kramer. “I get it. Sportsbikes are focused on racing and getting the best lap times. We’re really good at that, but naked bikes are all about having fun and not tying yourself into knots to do it. Our GP2 platform is 90% of the way there, so we thought we’d convert one and gauge interest. Having Rok Bagoros help with the project made it into a real head-turner.”

As for price, there isn’t one at the moment, but if there’s enough interest for Kramer to make more of these, I’d expect it to be a couple grand less than the $34,995 for the standard GP2-890R. A conversion kit for existing owners would probably be a grand or so.

What do you think? If Kramer builds it will you come? Or is this an exercise best left to one-offs?

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Troy Siahaan
Troy Siahaan

Troy's been riding motorcycles and writing about them since 2006, getting his start at Rider Magazine. From there, he moved to Sport Rider Magazine before finally landing at in 2011. A lifelong gearhead who didn't fully immerse himself in motorcycles until his teenage years, Troy's interests have always been in technology, performance, and going fast. Naturally, racing was the perfect avenue to combine all three. Troy has been racing nearly as long as he's been riding and has competed at the AMA national level. He's also won multiple club races throughout the country, culminating in a Utah Sport Bike Association championship in 2011. He has been invited as a guest instructor for the Yamaha Champions Riding School, and when he's not out riding, he's either wrenching on bikes or watching MotoGP.

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  • FXDR FXDR on Dec 22, 2023

    Love it! I would consider getting one, once I knew the specifics. Thanks

  • Daniel Shoemake Daniel Shoemake on Jan 18, 2024

    I love this idea! If they did this I'd think there would be some way to get the Hooligan rules amended to allow this thing.