We recently received an email from Robert Abbasi, president of RTI Properties in Gardena, California, who wanted to share a job posting with us. He’s an avid motorcycle rider who recognizes the benefits of navigating gridlocked SoCal traffic on a bike, so he’s looking for a rider who could perform a variety of tasks, including using a motorcycle to visit properties his company manages. Here’s what he wrote us:

I own a property management company in the Los Angeles area. We are one of the larger companies in Los Angeles that manage apartment buildings and commercial properties. We are growing quickly and have been in business for over 30 years.

I am also an avid motorcycle rider who commutes to work often and have 5 motorcycles (and several cars). I know very well the efficiency of riding a motorcycle in Los Angeles in getting through traffic and to your destination quickly, and the ease of parking. I feel that this can be a large asset at our company.

I want to hire a competent motorcycle rider to handle a variety of tasks for my firm. These tasks involve visiting properties we manage to handle routine tasks at the properties including delivering notices, handling inspections, serving notices, meeting tenants, and the like.

We can be flexible on work hours and other work related requirements. The pay could be attractive and there could upside potential for the right person. The office environment (when the person is at the office and not in the field) is great and the camaraderie at the firm is excellent. This can also be a great learning experience for someone while they get to ride for a living. We will provide a mileage allowance as well as an hourly pay.

Please let me know how to go about finding such a person. The person can email me at this address or call me at the below office number. Thanks.

Robert Abbasi

RTI Properties
19300 South Hamilton Ave. Suite 210
Gardena, CA 90248

Keep in mind that we don’t have any sort of personal relationship with Mr. Abbasi, so we can’t officially endorse him or his company. But having a boss who endorses riding motorcycles seems like a positive sign.