1999 Laguna Seca SBK Babes Pictorial

We would have liked to have shot our somewhat annual Laguna Seca SBK SuperBabes pictorial ourselves, but there was this piece of paper from the Superior Court that mentioned something about the MO staff, photography equipment and a distance of at least 100 yards from any member of the female persuasion. It seemed to complicate matters just a bit.

Luck was on our side when part-time MO contributor and full-time South African playboy Michele Lupini e-mailed to inquire whether we could pull a few strings and get him and his buddy on the guest list, so to speak. Sure, we said, if MO has anything it is our ability to pull things, although strings aren't necessarily the Staff's forte. We did tell Michele that in return for the favor we'd like babes and bikes pictures. No problem, answered Michele. Cool, we thought. Babe pictures.

Upon Monsieur Lupini's return to his homeland, he e-mailed his pictures UUEncoded, which gave us fits when trying to decode it, so we asked him to e-mail them again as jpeg attachments. Done, he said, with a proviso: The quality of the photos suffered a bit as a result. Also, he felt the quality of the babes at Laguna Seca was poor compared to what he was used to in South Africa, and he promised better quality pix from a South African event he planned to attend.

Biological fact: Whenever a beautiful girl opens anything -- even an umbrella -- men will immediately shed 95 points off their IQ, and stand there, staring. It's the human equivalent of the flashlight-in-the-frog's-eyes trick. Feel free to try it at home.

Well, the quality of the pix and the babes below isn't outstanding, but that's what we get for asking a foreigner with a girl's first name to do the job of an American. Seriously, Michele Lupini is a very nice man who is very reliable, very professional, very patient and we appreciate his contributions. Supposedly, the famous Brian J. asked a bud of his, some dude named Victor, to take some killer babe shots at SBK Laguna, but the contact number Victor gave us was his work number, and it looks as though Victor's going to be AWOL from work for at least the next two weeks and perhaps even longer.

The only reason why we mention any of this is because we intend to hold Michele to his promise. South African babes. Cool. Oh yeah, if and when Victor ever materializes, we'll post his babe pix as well. Babes never go out of style.

Well, below is the best from Michele. Enjoy.



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