Strapworks is the Best Way to Secure Your Motorcycle

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Your motorcycle is a prized possession and when you are traveling with it on a trailer, you want to secure it with the right equipment. Strapworks prides itself on offering the best quality tie-downs available, and they are American made using premium components.

Made in the U.S. of A.

Let’s just get this out in the open right off the bat – these straps are American made. When you buy them, you are supporting American manufacturing. Strapworks is a family owned and operated company and every product it makes is a reflection on the company and how it does business. Some competitors claim to have “American-designed” products, but then manufacturing is done overseas. Not so with Strapworks. Everything is done stateside with pride.


With manufacturing being done in-house, this opens the door to customization with a quick turnaround, something you can’t get from other companies. Want a custom logo strap for your MC or shop? That is not a problem. Low order thresholds for custom work with just a 12-unit minimum makes it easy to get your whole crew outfitted with a special design. Want something different? Strapworks has over 70 colors and designs for straps, giving you the option to express yourself a little. And yes, dealer inquiries are always welcome. Want neon green straps for your Kawasaki? Maybe something with flames for your custom Harley? If you’re feeling especially patriotic, you can get straps done up in the Stars and Stripes, too.

Strap materials are options, too, with different strap materials including polypropylene and polyester, and a wide range of lengths and widths that can be completely customized. The straps can be ordered with soft tie-down loops built into the strap, something that is a big help for those who need to protect a paint job, or need a way to secure handlebars without damaging the grips or controls. The hooks Strapworks uses are thoughtfully designed, with all S-hooks having the safety gate on both ends, so the chances of the strap coming unhooked accidentally are near zero.

Other options include ratchet straps, cam tension straps, double-ring straps and more. There are 17 motorcycle-specific tie-down products available, all in various color, print and length options. This means that you can find the exact product you want for hauling your motorcycle however you want to do so.

About the Company

Strapworks officially started in 1976, fittingly enough, the Bicentennial for the United States. The company is based in Eugene, Oregon and is family owned with the owner’s kids now involved in the day-to-day operation of the company.

Strapworks operates from over 60,000 square feet of warehouse space and the company is still growing. It has worked with over 400,000 customers, including the likes of NASA and Cabela’s. Strapworks also gives back to the community and your purchases go towards supporting the causes the company is involved with. Strapworks stands behind its products and it offers fast turnaround on shipping and service you can trust. For more information, go to the Strapworks website.


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