Transitions Optical Expands Availability of Light Intelligent Shields on Shoei Helmets in North America

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transitions optical expands availability of light intelligent shields on shoei

Transitions Optical has expanded its Shoei Transitions shield offerings to include new models such as the Hornet X2.

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Transitions Optical Expands Availability of Light Intelligent Shields on Premium Brand SHOEI Helmets in North America

New Street, Adventure and Lifestyle Helmets Bring Advanced Technology to Broader Audience

PINELLAS PARK, Fla., November 22, 2019 – Transitions Optical and SHOEI Safety Helmet Corp today announced expanded availability of Transitions® light intelligent technology on SHOEI helmets. Transitions’ technology allows the shield to seamlessly adapt to light conditions and will now be available on helmets compatible with a CNS-2 SHOEI shield, including the popular Hornet X2 helmet in North America. The SHOEI Transitions® light intelligent shield is still available on the CWR-1 shield and compatible with the RF-1200, RF-SR and X-Fourteen helmet styles.

The SHOEI Transitions shield is clear at night and adjusts to dark smoke in bright light. The technology is activated by UV light and blocks 100% of UV rays, helping to protect the riders’ eyes and providing a more comfortable ride, minimizing squinting and eye strain. With multiple tints in one shield, riders now have a hassle-free option, no longer having to carry two shields or change shields on the side of the road.

“This expansion speaks to the strength of our partnership with SHOEI, and to the demand for light intelligent technology for motorcyclists,” said John Schubach, global director, lenscaster sales, Transitions Optical. “Motorcyclists know that light conditions while riding can be unpredictable – even dangerous. Transitions light intelligent shields do the work for your eyes – adapting seamlessly to light conditions.”

“We’ve had great success with the shield in some of our best-selling helmet styles,” said Hiroshi Maeda, SHOEI Safety Helmet Corp. “We know from riders who’ve worn it how indispensable the product is, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to expand to more styles, offering the amazing technology to even more riders.”

The SHOEI Transitions shields use the same advanced photochromic technology as is used in industry-leading Transitions® lenses. Transitions Optical began working with SHOEI in 2013 and has grown the partnership since, offering shields as after-market accessories for several leading SHOEI helmets.

About Transitions Optical

Transitions Optical is the leading provider of photochromic (smart adaptive) lenses worldwide, having been the first to successfully manufacture and commercialize plastic adaptive lenses in 1990. As a result of its relentless investment in research, development and technology, Transitions Optical offers a wide variety of eyeglass lens and shield products, setting new standards of advanced performance to provide ever increasing visual comfort and optimum harmful blue light protection, and always blocking 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

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