Calfab Swingarm, Anyone?

John Burns
by John Burns

MotoGP Werks, in lovely Anaheim, California, happens to be located right across La Palma Boulevard from the former site of the original Calfab swingarms, which were drooled upon by many a reader in the print magazine era. MGPW proprietor Chris Redpath couldn’t resist the karmic urge to attain the Calfab name and re-start the business.

The swinger in the lead photo is a KZ1000 / Z1 unit, a two-stage heat-treated custom extrusion for maximum strength, and comes complete with bearings, axles, chain adjusters and stand hooks.

This one’s an Eddie Lawson S-1 Replica. Also two-stage heat-treatment, with offset shock mounts as per the factory, a sight glass and drain plug in the built-in oil reservoir, etc.

These are all made 100% in house by MotoGP Werks. Most of Chris’s stuff is surprisingly affordable, and these would make excellent lighting fixtures for those of us who don’t have an ELR Kawasaki at the moment.

John Burns
John Burns

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