Suzuki To Release 2018 GSX-S Family In July

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We’re excited that we don’t have to wait until 2018 to see the 2018 Suzuki GSX-S line in dealerships. The changes, though limited, look to be nice.

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2018 Street Models – GSX-S1000 Family

Riders were immediately attracted to the GSX-S1000 models when they were unveiled in 2016. By joining GSX-R technology with a sporty, upright riding position and street-fighter styling, Suzuki provided riders with strong models in the rapidly growing sport-standard segment. The 2018 GSX-S1000 ABS and GSX-S1000F models boldly return with more horsepower and torque, smoother operation and a new family member in the potent, blacked-out GSX-S1000Z.

suzuki to release 2018 gsx s family in july

All-new for 2018 is Suzuki GSX-S1000Z. Take a GSX-S1000 ABS and punch up the horsepower from its GSX-R based engine, add in a new back-torque limiting clutch that smooths shifting and improve the braking performance to upgrade an excellent sport-standard motorcycle. We didn’t stop there because the Z-model’s blacked-out bodywork and chassis components amplify the aggressive styling that cloaks an ergonomically comfortable, yet sporty riding position. MSRP $10,999, available in Matte Black, in dealers in July 2017

suzuki to release 2018 gsx s family in july

Like the GSX-S1000Z, the Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS delivers more thrust for 2018 thanks to new crankcase ventilation holes so the engine delivers more horsepower and torque. Refined fuel injection mapping and the rider-adjustable Suzuki Advanced Traction Control System2 pushes power through a New Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) clutch and a smooth-shifting, six-speed transmission. Riders will be drawn to the aggressively styled, naked bodywork and low 32-inch seat height that contributes to the sporty, yet relaxed riding position. MSRP $10,799, available in Blue/Black, in dealers in July 2017.

suzuki to release 2018 gsx s family in july

As much as a GSX-R1000 owns the racetrack, the 2018 Suzuki GSX-S1000F owns the road. Ready to appeal to your customers who want a fully faired sportbike, the GSX-S1000F brings robust Suzuki performance to the street with a sharp-handling chassis that also supplies a comfortable riding position. Like the GSX-S1000Z, the 2018 GSX-S1000F is powered by an updated 999cc inline four-cylinder with increased power and torque. Riders will be dazzled by the deep coat of pearlescent white or blue/black paint laid on the GSX-S1000F’s full fairing and bodywork. A new, smoked windshield complements the brilliant bodywork. MSRP $11,299, available in White or Blue/Black, in dealers in July 2017.

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