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Press Release from Rever: If you love the idea of adventure, but are currently mired down in the reality of life: work, kids, mowing the lawn, and an endless “honey-do list,” you can always see the world through someone else’s eyes. And we really can’t think of a better pair of ocular filters than those of Tolga Basol. Tolga is about to embark on another global motorcycle adventure using Rever as his primary navigation and tracking tool. If you don’t follow his Ride Must Go On on Instagram, do yourself a favor and do so: @ride_must. Additionally, look for upcoming content from him in Rever’s social media channels and our blog at

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Rever Version 2.3: Better Mapping, Caching, Spanish, Portuguese, and More!
We’ve been working our tails off lately, and the result is a major app update—Rever Version 2.3. You’ll find significant new features that enhance the user experience and open the door to new regions with new native-language support. Notable changes include:
  • Upgraded maps: Cleaner, faster map rendering, and the addition of satellite and terrain views. Map can now be tilted to show horizon view in app.

  • Improved offline caching: Map content can now be downloaded for states, countries, and even entire continents for use when riding outside of cellular coverage.

  • Spanish- and Portuguese-language versions

  • New Regional Challenges: New mileage-based Challenges specific to Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking regions.

  • Updated Friend-Tracker feature: It’s now easier than ever to view your friends while you ride, in near real-time.
Press Release
Press Release

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