Erik Buell Racing Streetbike Peers Out of the Darkness With LED Headlight

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Erik Buell Racing released another teaser image of its upcoming new production streetbike, revealing a new headlight design with twin LEDs. The teaser image (see the full image below) is thick with shadows so we can’t see very much else beyond the front tire, part of an upside-down fork and a glint of a brake lever. The headlight however is the clear focal point of the photograph.

The new headlight is quite a departure from previous designs bearing the Buell name. Back in the Buell Motorcycle Company days, Buells typically favored either one or two round headlights except notably for the 1125R which had twin eye-shaped lights. The new design also differs from the stacked headlight design of the EBR 1190RS that’s expected to share several components with the new streetbike.

There is a bit of a resemblance to the light on the 1125CR though the new light is taller than the CR’s headlight. Perhaps this new model isn’t a sportbike but more of a Cafe Racer.

A few weeks ago, Erik Buell Racing revealed another teaser image of an upcoming model, revealing a pillion seat and pegs. It’s unclear however if this new image is of the same model or a second one. We do know EBR has three models in the works, dubbed the RX, SX and AX.

We’ll find out more in the weeks to come, as EBR teases:

“And in the darkness, something lurks, waiting hungrily for feeding time in the fall…”

[Source: Erik Buell Racing ( Facebook)]

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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