Unannounced 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite Already Recalled

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Limited Edition model confirmed in recall filings

Manufacturers typically don’t like it when new models are leaked before they are formally announced. We’ve got a feeling Indian will like this even less, as Motorcycle.com can confirm a 2024 Roadmaster Elite model is on the way… because it’s already being recalled.

Indian announced most of its 2024 lineup in November, with just one model under its limited edition Elite badging, the Challenger Elite. Like most Elite models, the Challenger Elite comes in a paint scheme and premium features such as electronic suspension, a custom stitched seat and four 100-watt speakers. The 2024 lineup announcement made no mention, however, of a Roadmaster Elite model.

For that, we turn to a recall announced by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), for an improperly routed crankshaft position sensor. The recall covers multiple Indian Thunderstroke models from 2023 and 2024, including the yet-to-be-announced 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite.

Ruling out the possibility the list above is in error, the recall documentation goes into further detail, listing a range of vehicle identification numbers that begin with “56KTKE”. The first three characters of a VIN identify the manufacturer, while the next three indicate the specific models. In this case, 56K is assigned to Indian Motorcycle. The manufacturer uses the “T” in the fourth spot to denote its heavyweight touring models, and either a “K” or an “R” in the fifth spot for Roadmasters.

That sixth letter indicates the specific version of the Roadmaster. Base model Roadmasters use the characters “RA” in the fifth and sixth spots. The Roadmaster Dark Horse uses the code “KD”, and the Roadmaster Limited goes by the code “KA”. Each of these variants, and their VIN codes, are listed in the recall documentation, along with the Roadmaster Elite and its “KE” code.

Indian last offered a Roadmaster Elite model in 2020.

Additionally, the documentation lists different production dates for the Roadmaster Elite, ranging from June 6 to Aug. 28, 2023. Production for the other Roadmaster variants range from May to October. The Elite’s smaller production window makes sense, as it is a limited production model.

We don’t know when Indian will formally confirm the 2024 Roadmaster Elite, but the recall may force it to come sooner than initially planned.

As for the recall itself, the issue stems from the crankshaft position sensor wiring being routed too close to the front head pipe, which may result in a sensor failure and the engine stalling. The problem was first discovered in October, during a routine review of warranty claims, with four claims reporting smoke coming from the sensor wire. After expanding the investigation, Indian identified eight claims in total, including one that resulted in the engine stalling. An internal audit estimated about 3% of all recalled models may be affected by the problem.

Indian dealers will inspect recalled models and reroute the crankshaft position sensor, replacing any parts as needed. A total of 1,215 vehicles are affected.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • Bruce Bruce on Dec 15, 2023

    Every bike gets there share of recalls I own both a Harley and a Indian I even owned a Kawasaki and news flash people they all had recalls at one point in there journey , please educate yourself before trying to call a manufacturer out , I’d certainly put my darkhorse up against a lot of bikes out there , and leave them behind in comfort , ride , looks as well as horsepower, to the gentleman who wanted to put Indian down , the only thing I can tell you is , you apparently are a virgin rider and a virgin to the motorcycle world , don’t let your lack of education show your ignorance . Have a good day !!👍️

  • Matthew S Cuddy Matthew S Cuddy on Dec 18, 2023

    Roadmaster? Like a Buick? The Detroit panic of 1958 has nothing on this baby. Jeez.