MSF Adds Zero XU to Motorcycle Training Programs

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
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msf adds zero xu to motorcycle training programs
msf adds zero xu to motorcycle training programs

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is adding the Zero XU to its fleet of motorcycles approved for its rider training programs. The Zero XU has already been put into service in a pair of pilot programs and will soon be available in programs across the U.S.

The XU provides some benefits for inexperienced riders. As an electric motorcycle, riders won’t have to worry about excessive heat and with little noise, it would be easier to listen to instructors. Beginners also won’t have to worry about gear shifting or operating a clutch, allowing them to focus on other riding skills.

“The Zero XU successfully completed a pilot program on two training courses in Washington state and Florida. Students and instructors alike found the motorcycle to be highly responsive and handle nicely,” says Mark Cummings, Zero Motorcycles’ North American fleet manager. “The XU allows students to enhance their skills and concentrate on the fundamentals of riding, while still experiencing the look and feel of a traditional motorcycle. Course operators also love that there is very little upkeep in terms of maintenance and, of course, no fuel to add or other fluids that can run the risk of spillage.”

According to Zero, the XU will be cheaper to operate and maintain than traditional gas-powered motorcycles. The XU can be charged through a standard outlet and the battery is removable, allowing schools to swap in a new battery while letting the old one recharge. The lack of exhaust and noise emissions also open up more options for training locations.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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