Rocking Horse Motorcycle is Rockin'

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

Your kid will be a man at age 4

Maybe if I had one of these as a child instead of a traditional rocking horse, I’d be out building log cabins, competing in arm wrestling competitions, and “man’ing up”, instead of sitting at my comfy desk, looking at pretty pictures on the internet with my iMac and sipping Orange Pekoe tea.

You want to set your kids on the right path early on in life. Starting them on a rocking horse hog could one day lead them to being the next Jesse James or Evil Knievel.

You want that, don’t you?

In the words of Jesse “The Body” Ventura in the movie Predator:

Bunch of slack-jawed f#@!#s around here. This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.

See the rest of the post for more shots of this custom made motorcycle rocking horse.

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Mark Prociw
Mark Prociw

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