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Alfonse Palaima
by Alfonse Palaima

I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK

Once again, legendary motorcycle-aerodynamics engineer Craig Vetter makes news with his latest one-off creation. Designed to cut through more than just the wind, his sawblade-packing- KLR prototype is more than the average “killer KLR.”

Redefining Aerodynamics

Forever with his head in the clouds, Craig had more earthly intentions with the creation of this energy absorbing fairing. Attempting to further the good luck streaks of both he and his Anchorage Alaska friend, he has designed a fairing that would slow down the initial impact of any frontal collision with any big animal that may confront the country dwelling motorcyclists. Slicing first, then asking questions.

Most unique in design, but perhaps a little heavy on the bike’s fuel economy. Reportedly, the handling isn’t adversely affected, just your social perception as “normal”. But I’m just guessing here, but no doubt Craig’s got one of those “Why Be Normal?” bumper stickers stuck upside-down somewhere.

Alfonse Palaima
Alfonse Palaima

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