Finally, a Gun Rack for Your Motorcycle!

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

I knew my bike was missing something...

I can picture it now:

You are out on your Kawasaki Ninja in the middle of the woods. You do a quick burn-out on the back of a small turtle and take off. You Weave left and right between the majestic pines and sorrow-filled willow trees as you speed along the mossy forest floor.

Wait! What’s that up ahead?!

A giant bear is directly in your path and staring straight at you! You squeeze on the brakes and quickly try to pull out the rifle you keep stuffed down your left pant leg but… it’s too late. The bear has stolen your Kawi. Now that bear will get all the chicks and you are now stuck in the middle of the woods with a rifle down your pants.

Fear not. The answer to this problem is patented so you can’t make money off of it!

The Motorcycle Gun Rack was patented by Dennis Hancock in Utah (in 1986) where grand theft auto by bears is common. The idea is to lay your rifle (or as the patent says “elongated devices such as a rifle”) across your handlebars in a set of clamps.

Doing this allows bears to clearly see that you are “packing heat” as opposed to thinking “is that a rifle stuffed down his pants or is he happy to see me?”.

If you actually like to go hunting in the woods on a motorcycle, then I suggest you look into sidecar to carry home your catch:

And If you are a hill-billy who needs a gun rack on a motorcycle because it’s a gun rack on a motorcycle, then your dreams have come true.

If you enjoy reading patent documents, here is the source: Rifle Carrier for Motorcycle

Mark Prociw
Mark Prociw

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