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Dustin Woods
by Dustin Woods

V-Rod Muscle a welcome addition to the family

Since the V-Rod came to fruition a number of years ago, it has been somewhat of an overlooked and under appreciated stepchild in the Harley Davidson family. Die-hard Harley guys just don’t seem to accept it as one of their kin. And why would they? There are Japanese-made cruisers that feel more like Harleys as the V-Rod doesn’t look, sound or ride like any Harley Davidson I’ve ever swung my leg over.

While the V-Rod has found loving homes with many people who appreciate it for what it is, it will likely never gain the acceptance of the old guard. The new V-Rod Muscle is somewhat of a diplomat though as it bridges the gap between the traditional Hogs and the custom-inspired direction HD is going for these days. While the engine was designed and developed by Porsche and may be seen as blasphemy, it is an incredible powerplant that is loads of fun on any road.

The wide rear tire, dual exhaust, LED lighting, beefier bodywork, frame and handlebars make for one bad ass looking bike. The riding position is more aggressive and the appearance just looks plain mean, making it worthy of a second look from faithful Hog owners. While riding the Muscle for one glorious week, the most common question I heard by far was, “Awesome bike!” Immediately followed by “What is it?”

The sound is the only place where the Muscle is lacking as it far too quiet and mild mannered. This could quickly and easily be rectified with a set of aftermarket pipes however. If the Muscle were to sound as mean as it looks and drives, firing it up would have your neighbors storming for the hills.

I don’t think people should be so quick to judge something just because it is different. Although that may not be such a bad thing – if everyone begins to embrace the V-Rod Muscle than I won’t be able to get my hands on one. So keep turning up your noses, mindless pawns. Change is bad!

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Dustin Woods
Dustin Woods

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