Mobile Architecture


Judging from its building boom on wheels, you’d never suspect MotoGP was experiencing any sort of financial problems. Ducati’s paddock presence consists of three or four buses linked together, then built upward.


No Silicon Valley HQ can outdo Tech 3 Yamaha’s black mobile monolith. Even many of the Moto2 and 3 small fry put up brave facades. Sadly, the class system is alive and well in the old country; my Media credential and t-shirt could not gain me entry into any of these swell edifices in spite of my efforts to talk my way in: No Anglais, beat it pal.

  • JMDonald

    Grid marker chicks. Umbrella girls. Moto GP bikes. Exotic locales. World class wardrobe. Nothing else needs to be said.

  • Old MOron

    Nice going, JB! Who is your companion in this photo? Who owns that slender, elegant hand?×475.jpg

  • Alexander Pityuk

    I’ve never had so much fun from reading a top 10 for quite a long time… Reading? I was sipping it!

  • Starmag

    Great article JB. More please. For me, just as interesting as the race coverage, which everyone has. You have a humorous, Egan-like eye for detail. Great behind-the -scenes angle. Too bad it was in the click festy top 10 format, but someone has to pay the bills, right?

  • Andrew Leung

    JB, that is definitely a hover hand on the umbrella girl if I’ve ever seen one.