9. Star Stryker, 2011-current


Who knows, we all might be bigger chopper fans if more of them were as stimulating to ride as this one. Its oversquare 8-valve 1304cc V-Twin actually seems to enjoy revving, sounding authentically sporty in the process of producing around 68 rear-wheel horsepower. The bike looks about 8 feet long and is really stable when you whack on the throttle all the way, but it doesn’t mind going around corners either in spite of a fat 210 rear tire. And if you’re a fan of low, it’s one of the lowest bikes around, with a claimed seat height of just 26.4 inches. It’s a nice-enough cruiser, sadly, that prices haven’t yet collapsed; I can’t find a nice Stryker for less than $6K. Somewhat surprising. But then, they’ve only been making them since 2011. It’s a chopper that seems wise beyond its years.

2012 Honda Fury vs. 2011 Yamaha Star Stryker + Video