6. VF750F Interceptor

041714-Honda VF750F Interceptor

The V45 Interceptor is arguably the first modern sportbike. Liquid-cooled DOHC engine, wrap-around frame (steel, not aluminum), frame-mounted fairing and headlight, triple-disc brakes, seat cowl; there’s not much missing between the original Interceptor and its modern sportbike counterparts. What it inarguably represents is Honda’s precedent of using the V-Four engine architecture in various sportbike guises, including the RC30/RC45 racing-homologation specials and every VFR model since the Interceptor’s launch in 1983. While certainly portly with its 551-pound wet weight, the 748cc, 45-degree V4 claimed 86 hp at 10,000 rpm and was clocked at 132 mph.