EICMA, the biggest motorcycle show of the year, is just around the corner. Hosted in Milan, EICMA is the international stage where the major (and some minor) manufacturers will reveal their new models. This week’s Top 10 is all about bikes we’re excited to see at the show. Truth be told, there are more than 10 bikes to choose from – Husqvarna’s three street models, and a possible KTM 1050 Adventure, are just a few which barely missed the cut. That said, the 10 we’ve gathered here have us truly excited for the year to come in motorcycling. Keep it here starting November 3, as the MO team brings you all the action from EICMA as it happens.

  • SRMark

    I hope Africa Twin makes it here. Twisted Throttle start making a high-fender kit for it.

    • panthalassa

      honda: no! no africa twin for you, ‘merica! here, have a vultus instead …

  • Steve A

    Your photo pages load very slowly. Please ask your web programmer to use Ajax to load only the main photo when the reader clicks on the ‘next photo’ button.

    • Leslie Ray Brailsford

      Your internet is bad.

      • Steve A

        Perhaps my internet is bad, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a waste of time, bandwidth, and server processing to reload an entire page when only a single element needs to be refreshed.

        • Leslie Ray Brailsford

          I never said that wasn’t a problem.

          But a simple solution which doesn’t involve redoing the entire page would include you, upgrading your internet.

          • loloyd

            The wasting of resources on time and network packets and merely for generating ad impressions is no excuse for reliable and responsible web-based magazine publication.

    • loloyd

      Their main reason for doing this method is for additional ad impression on every page load. It is uncouth, blatantly unprofessional and terribly irresponsible. Unfortunately, I still have to visit and execute my fair share of the clicks just to satisfy my curiosity. More and more *thinking web users* like me are learning to find their time-worthy motorcycle news items elsewhere.

  • all nice 10 bikes….

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  • Eric

    NOT digging the Matchless at all. Not sure what the owners are trying to do with the name.Using that albeit nice but big lump of an S&S engine relegates it to being just another Harley styling exercise.

  • Glenn Lutic

    Yeh, really! Honda ain’t got shit in N.America! No hot and fast sportbikes, no Adventure bike, and the ST1300 & Goldwing are over 10 years old! Come on Honda, this is how the British lost it!

  • Paul Graham

    Reminds me more of a Vincent than a Harley style wise.Look at the curved pipes and intake.The designer has unmatched credentials. I most likely could never afford one but would hope they’d have a seat option to carry a passenger who isn’t sitting a foot higher than the driver to make my fantasy more practical. It isn’t a racer.

  • Guest

    I love the style of the pipes and intake, reminds me more of a Vincent than a Harley. the designer has great credentials. I hope they keep it fairly light for what it is and put a passenger friendly seat on it. Trouble is most of the cruiser set want armchairs. With no mini throne their women refuse to get on the back, they are seldom young. New cruiser bikes are more like motor homes few young people can afford. I like the look but think a straight seat would be a nice option. Most American passengers would require him to build a R.R. bridge to hold their but off that fender which would add another 25 pounds. I like the style of it. SS makes a good engine. There is a lot of cruiser competition from Japan for those of prosperous girth, especially used. Is it competing with a Dyna glide, a Sportster, or a cruiser Yamaha ? At 1916cc it must haul.

  • bankerdanny

    Have the Matchless people not paid any attention at all to the Indian saga over the past 50 years? Attempting to resurrect a brand based on S&S Harley clone motors is a recipe for multiple bankruptcies. And it makes even less sense for Matchless, which is not known for V twin engines anyway. This is pure cash grab that won’t even be successful as an exercise in greed.