In the last few weeks we’ve categorized the cheapest motorcycles of 2017, as well as the most expensive motorcycles of 2017. But what about the realistic bikes that offer the best bang for your buck? You know, the motorcycle that’s going to deliver the most of everything you desire for the money spent. In this list you’ll find bikes we consider to be the best value from categories including cruisers, sportbikes, ADV bikes, utilitarian bikes, and play bikes. Depending on your personal proclivities and the size of your bank account, there are probably a few more that can be added to the list. Write your suggestions in the comments section below.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Just bought a maroon 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250S yesterday in excellent condition. For only $2500. Runs like a dream. It is going to be my main commuter bike (except for rainy days). And for on-road dry weather weekend jaunts.

    • Jon Jones

      Lucky you, great bike!

    • What’s your rainy-day bike?

      • Sayyed Bashir

        I have a 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R for rainy days, hooliganism and off-road weekend adventures (going out tomorrow), and a 2007 Harley Softail when I want to scare the s**t out of people.

  • Cami


  • Great list, all true…but how can the FZ10 not be #1 if it beat the Tuono in your shootout and is $2k less…by cool factor alone?

    • Kevin Duke

      We put this list together with an attempt to represent a wide swath of genres and styles, and the selection of the much-loved Tuono was a way to include something on the exotic end of things. I[‘d say the FZ-10 represents a better motorcycle-per-dollar value, while the Priller perhaps has a better lust-per-dollar value! YMMV…

      • Ah makes sense.
        Speaking of $13k Japanese bargains…how close did the Africa Twin get to being included?

        • Kevin Duke

          In terms of the ADV class, we’re strong proponents of the Honda and its value equation: http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/2016-wire-wheel-adventure-shootout

          The Africa Twin strikes a terrific middle ground of capability and price. Next up is determining which transmission makes for a better Africa Twin. We’ll be riding the pair in the desert this weekend. Stay tuned for our findings…


    Tuono. Tuono. Tuono. Life will not be complete without a Tuono.

    • Kevin Duke

      It’s worth it if you’re willing to dare…

  • Mad4TheCrest

    Well, ‘value’ bikes are a difficult category, since what constitutes value can be subjective. There are considerations like low buy-in, low cost of ownership, fuel-efficiency, multi-role effectiveness, best combo of features for the buck, etc, etc. Trouble is, value can also represent a boring compromise. Which is why buying a bike on practical value can leave the owner feeling somewhat empty inside. Since most of us reading MO buy our bikes primarily for recreation and personal enjoyment rather than basic transport, I argue buy the best you can of what tugs at your heart and forget practicalities. With that in mind the Tuono seems spot-on as the #1.

    • Tinwoods

      Well, there are also a lot of us out here (especially here in perpetually sunny Southern California) who prefer riding motorcycles than driving cars, so I would argue your comment, though articulately expressed, is frivolous nonsense.

      • Mad4TheCrest

        Hmm… not nonsense at all: you are arguing my point. We ride because we like doing it better than sitting in cars. So riding is a passion, and why comprise a passion more than you have to?

    • Val Demort

      Good one, same thoughts. I would add the Triumph Street Triple, most fun naked bike i ride these days. flat 10.000 new

  • John B.

    This list could go on forever since motorcycles provide one of the best bang for the bucks in life. I would add two bikes to the list: A 2016 Kawasaki ZX-14R ABS out the door at my local dealer for $12,171 (the dealer delivers/ships bikes nationwide for a nominal fee). That’s only $63 per horsepower and $108 per foot pound of torque, which translates into a 9.77 second quarter mile on a bike suitable for 500 mile days according to one expert; BMW G310R, $4,750 MSRP. A Beemer for less than $5 grand; enough said.