Trizzle started it two weeks ago with the Ten Cheapest Motorcycles, so in honor of Donald Trump and MO’s whole more-is-more philosophy, I hereby offer the 15 Most Expensive New Bikes of 2017.

Determining the most expensive motorcycles is slightly more complicated than you might imagine. Many of the priciest machines simply aren’t available at your local dealership for a clearly determined MSRP. And then there’s the completely custom motorcycles you can have built for yourself by boutique shops like NCR and a few other high-end builders, which don’t truly qualify for production-bike status.

While not a boutique shop, OEMs like Aprilia and BMW are also getting in on the high-end sportbike game. BMW, for example, teased us with the all carbon fiber HP4 RACE at EICMA 2016. It’s still in the prototype phase, however, and pricing hasn’t been set.

Meanwhile, Aprilia has gone and introduced the Factory Works program to purchase racebikes based on the RSV4 direct from the factory that conform to rules for various national and international racing organizations worldwide. Packages start with the basic Superstock build at €24,600 (roughly $26,000 USD at current exchange rates) all the way to €160,000 (nearly $170,000) for the RSV4 FW-GP, which boasts more than 250 hp at the crank, pneumatic valves, dry clutch, and a highly sophisticated electronics and data acquisition package. And while the RSV4 is a production bike, the bikes and components used for the Factory Works program are built strictly for racing. Road-legal componentry, along with registration paperwork, are not included or even offered.

To prevent this list from being filled with models from just a couple of manufacturers, we’ve decided to limit it to just the most expensive model from the various OEMs represented here. We’ll start with the cheapest expensive bike.