By the time you read this, the world famous Mecum motorcycle auction will already be underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. Having started yesterday, January 25, Mecum bills the event as the largest vintage and antique motorcycle event not just in the country, but in the world. It’s so big, with over 1,000 motorcycles and memorabilia up for grabs, that the auction is being televised on NBCSN. If you’ve got a large wad of cash just burning a hole in your wallet, there’s still time to act, since the auction continues through the 28th.

As for me, I don’t have the funds to buy a collectible motorcycle. Instead I’ll list 10 bikes from the auction I’d love to have. Clearly this list could include far more than 10 bikes, and while I certainly appreciate the rarity of this 1912 Henderson Four, the racing heritage of this 1957 MV Agusta Gran Sport Moto Giro, and the uniqueness of this 1977 Harley-Davidson MX250 dirt bike, for one reason or another they aren’t items I actually want. My 10 choices below, while rare or collectible in their own right, all cater to my quirky tastes. Some still bear the scars of battle, while others are pristine. Others still are so weird I just have to have one. What are they, you ask? Let’s find out.