#4 Indian Chief Classic

2014 Indian Chief Classic

While Cycle-Ergo.com lists its knee angle at just 101 degrees, the new Indian Chief Classic offers plenty of room to move thanks to its floorboards and long wide handlebar. The big plush seat doesn’t hurt, either.

The Chief Classic is the stripped down newest Indian, and while it may not have the high-tech features of the faired Chieftain or the throwback charms of the soft-bagged Vintage, it shares the fender skirts and the flat-out phenomenal Thunder Stroke 111 engine. And it wrings out every last pony with aplomb.

The 26-inch seat height is admittedly low, but the handgrips rest more than 40 inches off the ground, so despite the wide bar there’s little chance of it knocking a rider’s knees. Taller riders should enjoy the spring-padded floorboards and standard cruise control, too.