This Week's Motorcycle Gear Deals

–We’re constantly on the look for great deals on motorcycle gear. We’ll be updating this post each week with the latest sales on gear and accessories, so keep checking here for new deals.

HEY! Did you know you could help support us MOrons by buying stuff at Revzilla? It’s true. Whenever you click on over there after seeing a thing here, we get a piece of the pie. It’s a win/win situation – especially when the thing is on sale. You get a deal on what you needed anyway. We get to keep eating. Here are a few of this week’s retail therapy opportunities.

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Best Cyber Monday Motorcycle Deals

After brick-and-mortar stores began introducing special sales on the Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, online retailers extended the concept into the following Monday with another day of deals, now known as Cyber Monday. For 2021, Cyber Monday falls on Nov. 29.

Here are some 2020 Cyber Monday deals on motorcycle gear available right now. UPDATED Nov. 29, 2021 with deals for Cyber Monday 2021. And don’t forget, many Black Friday deals are still going on.

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MO Tested: Dainese Alger Nomad Jacket Review

What better time to take a closer look at the Dainese Alger Nomad jacket than now while the 43rd running of the Dakar Rally is underway. Inspired by rally racing of the ’80s, the Alger jacket is part of the Dunes collection, a subset of Dainese’s Settantadue vintage-inspired line. This jacket was specifically styled after Edi Orioli’s late 1980’s Dainese rally gear (pictured below). With vintage style and off-road adventures in vogue, Dainese looked back to its own history when creating the Alger jacket. 

Auguriiiiiiiii Edi ???

Spegne oggi 58 candeline il pilota friulano
Edi Orioli specializzato nei Rally Raid (dopo aver…

Posted by Fuoristrada & Motocross d’Epoca on  Saturday, December 5, 2020

Made of what Dainese calls Nemes textile as well as large mesh panels, this jacket flows a lot of air.  Ventilated mesh is found on the inside of the arms and the sides of the torso extending up to the collarbone area and onto the back. The back panel itself is made entirely of Dainese’s Trixivent material, allowing for excellent breathability as well as tear and abrasion resistance. For additional protection, the elbows and forearms are backed with suede leather panels. 

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2020 Klim Product Collection

Klim makes some of the most technical gear on the market. From the companies Klim partners with, to the level of thought, research, and testing that goes into new products, it’s always exciting to hear what the brand has coming down the pipeline. Recently, I had the opportunity to take a trip with the folks from the Klim HQ in Rigby, ID, to the Gore facility in Maryland (think Gore-Tex). We had the opportunity to tour the Gore labs – an eye-opening and mind-blowing experience – and later got to check out some of Klim’s 2020 product line, which includes some new stuff that I think will be a hit for the company. In addition to new gear of its own, Klim has teamed up with In&Motion, a company that makes motorcycle airbag vests, to bring the Klim Ai-1 airbag vest to America’s motorcycling contingent.

As the gap between dual-sport and adventure riding continues to narrow, Klim’s 2020 product line follows the trend by providing new jackets and pants for riders looking to do serious off-roading on their big ADV bikes. Starting with my personal favorite, let’s take a look at the Klim 2020 product collection.

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First Manufacturing Co. is the First Name in Leather Motorcycle Apparel

When it comes to motorcycle apparel, quality is about much more than just fashion, staying warm, or added protection, which is why the way it’s made is essential. First Manufacturing Co. has been making leather goods for motorcyclists the traditional method for over 30 years. Their line of motorcycle jackets, gloves, and accessories are made with care, while new product lines are road-tested by a team of riders before they hit shelves.

It’s that kind of passion for riding gear that has been driving the company since it was first launched in New York City in 1987. Today, First Manufacturing Co.’s custom leather vests, leather jackets and the rest of their lineup of motorcycle gear are still hand-crafted. And since they know that leatherware is only as good as the leather it’s made of, they source their raw hides direct from butchers. From there, each hide gets transformed into their safe and stylish motorcycle apparel over a multi-day process. It’s this kind of attention to detail that sets First Manufacturing Co.’s motorcycle gear apart, and all products are backed by a lifetime guarantee for zippers, snaps, and stitching.

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MO Tested: REV'IT! Offtrack Jacket & Pants

The REV’IT! Offtrack jacket and pants have actually been in the company’s lineup for some time, albeit with a brief hiatus. Now, the combo is back, ready for adventure, and available in three colorways to make sure you look good whilst doing so. The first chance I had to test the Offtrack gear was 1,600-plus miles through England in August. It had been scorching hot the week prior to my arrival and though the temperatures had begun to drop, I still experienced vast temperature swings and plenty of moisture. As it would turn out, the Offtrack jacket and pants were the perfect kit for the trip. How so? Read on.

I call the Offtrack a three-season outfit mostly because you can’t close the large 3-D air mesh panel that spans the upper chest, traps, and upper back area. Yes, the jacket and pants come with full-length removable thermal quilted liners for warmth and waterproof liners for the rain, and yes, that does provide enough insulation for me to wear this kit well into frosty temps. Still, I run hot all the time, and in my experience, others tend to chill faster. I actually opted to leave the thermal liners in my closet in sunny SoCal as I jetted off to the UK – a place where they’ll likely stay thanks to my home base being rather temperate. The inherent windproofing of the waterproof liner proved to be enough for me to stave off even the chilliest parts of my trip. 

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MO Tested: Womens REV'IT! Ignition 3 Jacket & Pants

The REV’IT! Ignition 3 Jacket and Pant is a 3-season offering from REV’IT! that combines leather and textile to create a hybrid of sorts. Cristina has used the garments on our 900-plus mile trip to the Quail Motorcycle Gathering as well as a few shorter rides. During our trip to Carmel Valley, we experienced scorching temperatures on our way through California’s central valley, cooler weather near Monterey, and even some dense hanging fog that was more comparable to light rain than merely a cool weather front. That trip alone gave Cristina the chance to use nearly every feature the jacket and pants offer which left us both thankful for the versatility of the Ignition 3 kit.

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MO Tested: Rev'it! Rodeo Boots

Recently I set off on a camping trip near the San Gabriel Mountains for the weekend. I had been assigned to attend a product launch on the Friday prior so my plan was to, after the event, point my front tire hastily toward the Angeles National Forest for some close-to-home camping over the weekend.

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10 Things You Will Hear Or Be Asked While Working In A Motorcycle Gear Store

While working moto-retail, you start noticing a trend in questions asked, as I did in my previous job. You also start picking up on common cases of misinformation. Any good employee should notice these things and do their research diligently to be fully armed with true information to help their customers make the best possible decisions for their specific needs.

In the store that I worked at, employees provide a very thorough and hands-on approach to guarantee customers: A) understand their own wants and needs, and B) get the equipment that will best fill those needs. This will ensure the customer is happy in the long run with their purchase and that the equipment is being used the way the manufacturer intended. Everyone ends up happy.

What follows is a list of the 10 most common questions or things you may overhear in a motorcycle gear shop that usually need a little bit of educating.

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What Piece of Riding Gear Do You Spend the Most Money On?

We always recommend you wear adequate safety gear anytime you ride a motorcycle, but let’s face it, you’ve got lots of options when it comes to riding gear. We’d like to know where you feel like your money is best spent.

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Rev'it Brera Jacket Review

When I started riding I wanted the flashiest gear I could find. Bright colors, exposed armor — anything that told the world I was a motorcyclist. A funny thing happened along the way: I attracted the attention of cops, too. Once, fairly recently, on a MO group ride to Laguna Seca, a member of the local constabulary singled me out from the pack because, my red riding jacket “was easiest to identify,” he said. “All your buddies blended together.” Turns out he was a rider too and let me off easy.

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Racer Warm Up Gloves Review

If you’re familiar with the Racer name when it comes to gloves then you probably associate it with the brand’s line of high-performance hand protection. This makes sense considering the name and all, but Racer makes gloves for more than, uh, racers, it also has cold weather gloves for both men and women.

With the winter season upon us, lately I’ve been searching for a winter glove without the aggressive sportbike look, but also one that’s a good value. Consider it more than just slightly ironic that I stumbled across the Warm Up gloves from Racer. As you can see from these pictures, the Warm Up is a far cry from a racing glove, but at $69.99 (there’s also a women’s version) it represents the least expensive glove in the entire Racer catalog.

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Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket/Pants Review

Touring gear, by definition, must be versatile. If you’re traveling long distances, you’re likely to encounter a variety of weather conditions, perhaps even in the space of a single day. In addition, cargo carrying capacity is more important than on your typical day ride. Designed in the stylish adventure riding mold, the Andes is part of Alpinestars Tech-Touring line of gear.

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Alpinestars 2014 Street Collection

Alpinestars is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014. Part of the reason for the company’s success is its ability to adapt with the times and advance with the changing motorcycle landscape. From motocross boots to racing leathers and (almost) everything in between, when it comes to gear, Alpinestars has become a trusted name in this sport.

With the unveiling of its 2014 street collection, Alpinestars is looking to maintain its reputation. A bevy of new items were revealed, from riding shoes to Sport-Touring attire, but here we’re going to focus on a few key items which should appeal to a broad riding audience. Visit the Alpinestars website for a full rundown of the new additions. Everything will be available to consumers in early September.

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Alpinestars 2014 Off-Road Product Launch/Review

Classroom or real world? Given the choice most will opt for the outdoor immersion in favor of the indoor lesson. Alpinestars took this into consideration when introducing its 2014 MX protective gear. Instead of herding a group of journalists into a sterile, white room with overhead fluorescent lights, the apparel giant instead invited scribes to ride Milestone Ranch MX Park outfitted with new-for-2014 Alpinestars gear.

Alpinestars Turns 50, Launches 2013 Spring Collection

Headlining the event was Alpinestars’ new Tech 10 and Tech 7 MX boots, Bionic Neck Supports and Fluid knee braces. Also introduced are new renditions of the company’s Bionic jackets, the Pro and Tech. Special to attending journos was a matching Alpinestars’ jersey and pants – special because unless you’re a sponsored rider, it’s nearly impossible to acquire the gear in North America because Alpinestars’ doesn’t import its riding gear to the U.S.

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