2020 Klim Product Collection

Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

Klim puts its focus on the hardcore adventure rider

Klim makes some of the most technical gear on the market. From the companies Klim partners with, to the level of thought, research, and testing that goes into new products, it’s always exciting to hear what the brand has coming down the pipeline. Recently, I had the opportunity to take a trip with the folks from the Klim HQ in Rigby, ID, to the Gore facility in Maryland (think Gore-Tex). We had the opportunity to tour the Gore labs – an eye-opening and mind-blowing experience – and later got to check out some of Klim’s 2020 product line, which includes some new stuff that I think will be a hit for the company. In addition to new gear of its own, Klim has teamed up with In&Motion, a company that makes motorcycle airbag vests, to bring the Klim Ai-1 airbag vest to America’s motorcycling contingent.

As the gap between dual-sport and adventure riding continues to narrow, Klim’s 2020 product line follows the trend by providing new jackets and pants for riders looking to do serious off-roading on their big ADV bikes. Starting with my personal favorite, let’s take a look at the Klim 2020 product collection.

Baja S4

2020 klim product collection

The new Baja S4 jacket, pant, and glove are built to provide massive cooling airflow with road-ready protection features – all while offering the mobility and low bulk needed for off-road riding with adventure bikes.

Ventilation is a key component for the Baja S4. Knowing that more layers mean more resistance to airflow, KLIM developers built the Baja S4 with the majority of body panels comprised of Schoeller-Dynatec nylon mesh and a moisture-wicking liner. Even the pockets are positioned in a way to impede airflow as little as possible.

2020 klim product collection

To further maintain ventilation and comfort, the Baja S4 also features Karbonite Micromesh 1000-denier stretch-woven nylon panels, which further add airflow and mobility. A two-liter Hydrapak-compatible pocket in the back is ready for hot weather hydration. The Enduro S4 Jacket also features a pair of armpit vents and a horizontal back vent for airflow in bad weather. The Baja S4 Gloves continue the theme with extensive ventilation and protection with perforated leather construction and direct-vent TPU armor designs.

The Schoeller-Dynatec nylon mesh body panels in the Baja S4 that deliver exceptional ventilation also offer abrasion resistance and durability. KLIM also uses ceramic-plated Superfabric in key abrasion areas such as elbows, shoulders and knees to provide substantial abrasion protection. D3O Level 1 vented pads in the elbows, shoulders, knees, hips, and back provide proven flexible impact protection.

The amount of stretch and ventilation in the Baja S4 are what makes this a favorite for me. I typically run warm and find myself riding in warmer conditions. I’ve also had issues with Klim’s sizing not fitting me spot on which can be a problem when the garments use fabrics that don’t offer much give. That’s why the Baja S4 is an exciting product for me, mobility and ventilation are key when working hard on big adventure bikes.

Colors: Black, Gray, Green

Jacket MSRP $549.99

Pant MSRP $449.99

Gloves MSRP $89.99

Available now at Klim.com

Enduro S4

2020 klim product collection

The Enduro S4 jacket and pant are four-way stretch waterproof shells that are designed to fit over non-waterproof gear like the Baja S4 kit. We’re told if you wear a large Baja S4 Jacket, in most cases, you’ll wear the large Enduro S4 on top of it as well. The majority of the garment is made from Schoeller waterproof durable four-way stretch material that incorporates 3M Scotchlite reflectivity in key areas. The jacket features three vents as well as two hand pockets and is adjustable at the hem, cuffs, and hood. The pants use burn-resistant Kevlar panels on the inner knee and feature full-length side zippers for ease of entry and the double-headed zippers can also be adjusted for ventilation. The Enduro S4 is designed for use over any garment but also adds multi-season functionality when paired with the Baja S4.

Colors: Black, Green

Jacket MSRP $299.99

Pant MSRP $279.99

Available now at Klim.com


2020 klim product collection

Klim has fully revised and upgraded the Carlsbad jacket and pants with increased impact and abrasion protection, better ventilation and improved storage options. The Carlsbad’s abrasion resistance has been bolstered by FPL400 – previously only used on the Badlands Pro – in key impact areas such as the chest, forearms, back, and legs as well as 630-denier twisted Cordua yarn holding said panels together. Lighter material previously used on the Carlsbad continues to make up other panels to ensure comfort and mobility. Impact protection has been upgraded to D3O Level 2 LP2 Pro armor in the shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips. Large forearm vents bring air into the arms, while more efficient chest and back vents add airflow to the torso. The “Collar Tab Back” vent feature is also a welcome upgrade that allows the user to “pin” the collar back for improved airflow. The pants have a more refined ventilation layout that reduces bulk and improves efficiency as well. The storage game has been increased to 16 pockets throughout, two of them being specialty pockets for a SPOT tracker and one waterproof.

Colors: Gray, Blue, Green, Black

Jacket MSRP $599.99

Pant MSRP $499.99

Available now at Klim.com


2020 klim product collection

A welcome addition to the Marrakesh jacket, the Marrakesh pants are stretchy, ultra-comfortable breathable riding pants. Like the jacket, the pants are made from Klim’s Karbonite micromesh four-way stretch 1000D Cordura, which boasts road-worthy abrasion resistance in a comfortable chassis. D3O level 1 protection is included in the knees and hips. Features also include 750D Cordura seat, cargo pockets, cuffs, and hems as well as Kevlar-lined inner knees for heat protection. The Marrakesh line can be worn as stand alone garments or comfortably over street clothes.

Colors: Gray, Black

Jacket MSRP $349.99

Pant MSRP $349.99

Available now at Klim.com


2020 klim product collection

The redesigned Traverse jacket and pant are for dual-sport and adventure riders seeking lightweight, waterproof gear. The redesigned Traverse gear boasts improvements in comfort, is less bulky, and now includes D3O level 1 shoulder, elbow, knee and hip armor. For off-road riders already using body armor the D3O kit can be removed so the Traverse jacket and pants can be used as outer shells. The lightweight Gore-Tex main body fabric is reinforced by Cordura overlays in key wear areas while the inner legs are lined with leather for grip and protection. The jacket features two vents and four pockets while the pant has four vents and one cargo pocket.

Colors: Gray, Gray/Green, Black

Jacket MSRP $379.99

Pant MSRP $379.99

Available now at Klim.com

KLIM Ai-1 Airbag Vest

2020 klim product collection

KLIM has partnered with In&motion, a motorcycle airbag company, to introduce the Ai-1 Airbag Vest, an autonomous airbag system designed for use under a riding jacket for added protection in the event of a crash. The Ai-1 Airbag Vest and In&motion’s In&Box DPP (Detect-Protect-Perfect) sensor platform is the first continually evolving motorcyclist protection technology.

In&motion produces wearable airbag systems for motorcyclists and extreme sports including MotoGP. These systems use “smart” technology to constantly update the crash detection algorithms through data automatically collected from users.

The Ai-1 Airbag vest boasts a detection and inflation time under 60 milliseconds, and the capability to offer protection to the thorax, abdomen, spine and neck. The lightweight, electronic vest is fully wireless and autonomous, meaning there are no sensors needed on the bike. An inert-gas canister provides the pressure needed to inflate the vest quickly, and it can easily be replaced by the user. Furthermore, the Ai-1 Airbag Vest is continually updated through In&motion with the latest, most precise crash detection algorithms possible when connected to a computer.

The main vest body fabric is lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable for comfort underneath a motorcycle jacket. A CE Level 2-rated backpad is built into the vest to provide impact absorption properties in addition to the inflatable airbag system. The vest chassis is designed to withstand up to three inflations, provided the post-inflation procedure is always followed. This avoids the time-consuming process of returning the vest to the manufacturer after each inflation.

Vest MSRP $399.99

Available now at Klim.com

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