Racer Warm Up Gloves Feature

If you’re familiar with the Racer name when it comes to gloves then you probably associate it with the brand’s line of high-performance hand protection. This makes sense considering the name and all, but Racer makes gloves for more than, uh, racers, it also has cold weather gloves for both men and women.

With the winter season upon us, lately I’ve been searching for a winter glove without the aggressive sportbike look, but also one that’s a good value. Consider it more than just slightly ironic that I stumbled across the Warm Up gloves from Racer. As you can see from these pictures, the Warm Up is a far cry from a racing glove, but at $69.99 (there’s also a women’s version) it represents the least expensive glove in the entire Racer catalog.

Racer Warm Up Gloves Top

For under $70, the Racer Warm Up glove is a great value for the casual rider on a chilly day.

Constructed from a Softshell textile chassis, the Warm Up features a Hipora waterproof membrane which Racer says is guaranteed to stay waterproof for at least five years. Light insulation and fleece lining are the remaining components ensuring the glove keeps your hands warm. An elastic wrist enclosure utilizes a Velcro strap to keep them in place, and slim rubberized panels at the palm and base of the fingers help grip the throttle.

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You’ll notice there’s been not much mention of protective armor. That’s because there is none. So despite the company’s Racer name, the Warm Up glove is most definitely not intended for any such thing. Instead, I utilized the glove during our recent Uber Scooter shootout, where temps dropped as low as 28 degrees.

Racer Warm Up Gloves Palm

The underside of the glove feature panels to help grip the controls while also providing a layer of abrasion protection in a fall.

Putting the glove on is simple enough, as the elastic wrist closure easily expands to accommodate hands, and the fleece lining provides a smooth entrance. Like most cold-weather gloves, the Warm Ups feel thick, but they actually don’t detract too much from feel at the controls. The gloves fit true to size, and I’m impressed with the build quality, too. The materials feel nice, and the stitch quality throughout the glove belies something at this price point.

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As for warmth, I have yet to find a riding glove that could keep my digits toasty in 28-degree weather without being wired to the bike itself. The Warm Up glove is no different. However, I did find them able to keep my hands sufficiently warm when ambient temps were in the high 30-degree range. For a lightweight, $70 winter glove, I’d say the Racer Warm Up gloves are a fantastic value. They’d probably serve you well on the slopes, too.

Racer Warm Up Gloves Fit

Fit for the Warm Up glove runs true to size – my average-sized hand fit well with no awkward gaps.

The Warm Up glove is only available in black, with sizes ranging from Small to 3XL. Women only get three sizes: small, medium, or large. For more information, visit www.racerglovesusa.com.