The REV’IT! Offtrack jacket and pants have actually been in the company’s lineup for some time, albeit with a brief hiatus. Now, the combo is back, ready for adventure, and available in three colorways to make sure you look good whilst doing so. The first chance I had to test the Offtrack gear was 1,600-plus miles through England in August. It had been scorching hot the week prior to my arrival and though the temperatures had begun to drop, I still experienced vast temperature swings and plenty of moisture. As it would turn out, the Offtrack jacket and pants were the perfect kit for the trip. How so? Read on.

I call the Offtrack a three-season outfit mostly because you can’t close the large 3-D air mesh panel that spans the upper chest, traps, and upper back area. Yes, the jacket and pants come with full-length removable thermal quilted liners for warmth and waterproof liners for the rain, and yes, that does provide enough insulation for me to wear this kit well into frosty temps. Still, I run hot all the time, and in my experience, others tend to chill faster. I actually opted to leave the thermal liners in my closet in sunny SoCal as I jetted off to the UK – a place where they’ll likely stay thanks to my home base being rather temperate. The inherent windproofing of the waterproof liner proved to be enough for me to stave off even the chilliest parts of my trip. 

REV’IT! Offtrack

The jacket has two waterproof exterior pockets and two inner pockets that are not waterproof. The removable waterproof liner has an inner pocket of its own.

REV’IT! Offtrack

The two pockets on the pants are also waterproof.

The outer shell of the Offtrack jacket and pants are made primarily of 450D polyester with 600D added for extra abrasion resistance in key areas such as the elbows and forearms as well as the knees. For ventilation, the jacket has the previously mentioned large 3D air mesh panel that offers a good amount of air to flow into the jacket, particularly nice when riding quickly off-road in an aggressive standing position. The chest features two large panels that can be opened halfway, however, due to this flap being sewn entirely to the garment on the outer side, you’re only able to really open the vent halfway. I might have liked to see these flaps fold down and into the jacket to really allow the large chest panels of mesh to fully vent. Large zippered vents can be found on each arm that span from wrist to elbow and have a zipper at each end to fine-tune the amount of airflow that the rider is looking for. There are also two zippered vents located on the front of each thigh. The adjustable collar button allows the user to fit the collar as tight as they would like and also features a hook and loop for holding the collar open during sweltry days. Waist and forearm adjustment can be cinched down to keep the jacket and armor in place when removing or adding layers, and reflectivity can be found throughout the chest, sides, and back, as well as the outer thigh and ankle area in the pant.

REV’IT! Offtrack

REV’IT!’s CE-Level 2 SEEFLEX protectors – found in the shoulders, elbows, and knees of the Offtrack kit – were awarded the Red Dot Design “Best of the Best” in 2015.

In the interest of keeping your bony bits safe, REV’IT! has used its SEEFLEX CE-Level 2 armor in the shoulders, elbows, and knees, while including CE-Level 1 hip protectors in the pants. The jacket has a pocket for the brand’s SEESOFT CE-Level 2 back protector, which is sold separately. 

Inside, the Offtrack features the aforementioned full-length quilted liner and full-length waterproof liner which, for me, really stretches this kit into lower temperatures. The liners can be used in conjunction with one another or separately and attach to the garment via zippers and snaps. The jacket and pants can also be zipped together via the two-thirds length zipper at the waist. 

REV’IT! OfftrackWith the liners out and the garment adjusted properly, the Offtrack feels like a more off-road oriented adventure suit. Its lightweight and relatively good breathability helps when tackling trails during all but the hottest times of the year. 

Since my trip through the UK, I’ve also been able to use the Offtrack setup during a light on- and off-road tire test which unveiled one minor issue for those with dirt-focused adventure in mind. I was just barely able to get the Offtrack pants over my Sidi Crossfire 3 moto boots. I don’t consider that boot overly thick around the calf, either. So, if you have some thick moto boots you like to wear with your ADV kit or if you like to wear knee braces, these pants might be too slim. 

Despite the risk of sounding like a total REV’IT! fanboy, I was pretty happy with my choices for the varying weather my English trip threw at me. The Sand 3 and Dominator GTX gloves were perfect to switch back and forth between during the warm, cool, and wet days I encountered. The Hydratex waterproof layer of the Offtrack, and Gore-Tex found in both my Dominator gloves and Sidi Adventure 2 boots kept me dry in everything from driving rain to days of thick fog and mist. 

REV’IT! Offtrack

The mesh rear pouch is a great place to store moist items such as gloves or waterproof liners to give them a place to dry out once the weather starts looking up.

An interesting feature not yet mentioned is the large rear stash pocket on the lower back. This pocket is backed with mesh so it’s not waterproof like the other pockets on the jacket and pants. The mesh makes this a great place to store damp gloves or other items to give them a chance to dry out when the precip has passed. The rain liners also fit easily into this pocket, though if you’re trying to stash the thermal liner and rain liner, it’s going to be a tight squeeze, not to mention leaving you with an unsightly backside bulge. 

The Offtrack jacket is available in four colors: Silver/Green (shown here), Silver/Red, Silver/Blue, and Sand/Black (a desert camo pattern). The pants can be had in either Black/Silver (shown here), or Black to the floor. What was also great to see aside from the color options, is the size range available for the jacket and pants. The jacket can be had from S-4XL, and pants are available in the same S-4XL, with short sizes offered in S-3XL and long sizes offered from M-2XL. I opted for a medium jacket and medium short pants, both of which fit spot on. Kudos to REV’IT! for offering a solid adventure setup in such a large swath of sizes. At the mid-range price point, $440 for the jacket and $330 for the pants, the Offtrack jacket and pants should be solid options for anyone looking for a versatile adventure kit. 

REV’IT! Offtrack

After my initial tour and extra time in the dirt with the Offtrack get-up, it has become one of the most comfortable adventure suits I have. I’d opt for more traditional off-road gear if my ride is comprised of mainly technical off-road based terrain simply due to my raging internal temperature and the lack of room to get moto boots into the pants. For everything else – or a little bit of everything – the Offtrack jacket and pants are right on track. 

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