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–We’re constantly on the look for great deals on motorcycle gear. We’ll be updating this post each week with the latest sales on gear and accessories, so keep checking here for new deals.

HEY! Did you know you could help support us MOrons by buying stuff at Revzilla? It’s true. Whenever you click on over there after seeing a thing here, we get a piece of the pie. It’s a win/win situation – especially when the thing is on sale. You get a deal on what you needed anyway. We get to keep eating. Here are a few of this week’s retail therapy opportunities.

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MO Tested: Cardo Packtalk Edge Review

I remember the first time I really got helmet communicators. I’d been resisting them for a couple of years, and we were in the middle of those heady days between MapQuest directions taped to the tank and the ubiquity of smartphone GPS apps. I’d installed a Bluetooth communicator to my helmet, and despite the fact that the speakers were both too quiet and positioned too far from my ears, being able to navigate to places I’d never been, without having to look down at my tank – in traffic – to see how far I had to my next turn, was a revelation. Since then, I’ve learned the pleasures of riding with a group while testing bikes or being warned of upcoming hazards. Music and podcasts are good mileage eaters when you’re on a multi-state ride – or an Iron Butt. When used smartly, helmet communicators are a real asset to riders. After a couple of years with the entire MO staff using Cardo Packtalk Bolds, I’m pretty familiar with the platform. So, imagine my anticipation when the new heir to the Cardo throne, the Cardo Packtalk Edge, was announced. After living with the Edge for a couple of months, I can say it is a nice improvement over the Bold. 

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Cardo Packtalk Edge

Cardo Systems has been a leading manufacturer of motorcycle communicators since 2004 when it introduced the first Bluetooth headsets designed for riders. The latest from Cardo is the Packtalk Edge, a new flagship product offering faster connectivity, improved sound quality, and a more compact chassis.

The Packtalk Edge is powered by Cardo’s second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communication technology. Like the first generation, DMC gen. 2 can connect up to 15 riders within a range of up to a mile (or 1.6 km), and is self-healing, allowing riders to reconnect to the network automatically if they move out of range. The second generation system is simpler and offers a faster grouping process than earlier Cardo communicators while providing clearer wideband intercom audio for improved sound quality.

For connecting with headsets from other manufacturers, Cardo equipped the Packtalk Edge with a Bluetooth 5.2 chip, with faster pairing and improved security, while also working more efficiently to prolong battery life compared to the 4.1 chip used on previous Packtalk headsets.

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MO Tested: Cardo Freecom 4x Review

You can be excused if you assumed that the advent of mesh communicators spelled the end of Bluetooth systems, but the reality is that not every rider needs the features – or expense – of mesh helmet communication systems. Bluetooth is all you need if you ride alone since you’re just connecting to your phone. Additionally, if you only ride with one other rider much of mesh’s flexibility goes unused. A long-range Bluetooth system will do just fine for two riders, and if the group expands a bit, a couple more riders works ok, too. Still, I was surprised when Cardo reached out to see if I wanted to test its updated Bluetooth communicators. The Cardo Freecom 4x has much to offer riders who haven’t yet moved into motorcycle helmet communication and are aware of how they can fit into their riding scenarios. 

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Cardo PackTalk Bold Review: Part 2

Add helmet communicator to the long list of new tricks this old dog resisted learning. Riding always felt like the only quiet time in a wired world, where I could do a little of what felt like meditating – I always enjoyed the solitude. Well, screw that. The voices in my head are increasingly pissed off lately at the absurdity of it all; how about a little diversion?

As it turns out, having a little background music doesn’t much detract from whatever deep thoughts occur to me, and it’s just as nice as having a really good 8-track player, though the Cardo PackTalk Bold system is quite a bit more advanced and higher fidelity. All you have to do is pair the thing up with your phone to use as a music source, then listen to whatever you want including FM radio. You can program in six stations when you’re in town, or Cardo will seek out the strongest ones when you’re not, via its little flip-up antenna. The system comes with a microphone you mount in front of your mouth, and responds well to voice commands: “Hey Cardo, radio on,” or you can twirl the controller with your left fingers, even gloved.

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Best Deals On Motorcycle Gear At Revzilla For The Week Of July 22

It’s the start of a new week, which means Revzilla has a whole bunch of new deals and markdowns to sort through. In this week’s edition of Revzilla deals, we see communicators, luggage, and riding gear getting marked down, but this is only a small sampling. Head on over to Revzilla to see the full list of fresh price drops.

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MO Tested: Cardo 45mm Audio Set Review

While they may be called helmet communicators, I bet that most riders spend the majority of their time listening to music rather than talking with other riders. Because of that, the most common complaint we hear about these Bluetooth systems is that the speakers have tinny sound and lack the volume to be heard clearly at speed – particularly when wearing earplugs. Well, Cardo has heard you and responded with the recently released 45mm Audio Set, which consists of a pair of 45mm JBL-developed helmet speakers and the firmware to allow select Cardo units to get the most out of them. 

MO Tested: Cardo Systems PackTalk Bold

Shop for the Cardo 45mm Audio Set here

The box for the speakers is surprisingly small, but it only needs to hold the 45mm Audio Set speakers, some hook-and-loop fasteners, speaker positioning pads (to move the speakers closer to your ears if necessary), and a pair of replaceable speaker covers. Be careful not to throw away the little instruction card, though. It has the QR-code that unlocks the JBL sound profiles.

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March Moto Madness at Revzilla Has Sweet Accessory Deals

We ride motorcycles because we like to. It’s the most fun way to get from Point A to Point Wherever. As motorcyclists, we have enough stress to deal with from work, and road hazards. Any little extra way we can relieve stress is welcome. This time of year, some people get all worked up over basketball. Forget your brackets, fill up your cart with some sweet deals on motorcycle gear and accessories that will make your ride a little easier.

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Motorcycle Gadgets Buyer's Guide 2019

It’s safe to say you ride – or at least have an interest in – motorcycles, right? Of course. So by extension, the very fact you’re reading these words means you own an electronic device. Which also means you’re open to the idea of combining your ownership of motorcycles with the usage of electronic devices. Sure, we hear people say they ride their bikes to get away from the emails and phone calls and other electronic noise that bombards their everyday lives, but at the end of the day, technology is supposed to enhance our lives. If you’re one who believes in this idea, then read on, because in this motorcycle gadgets buyer’s guide we show you some cool and/or useful devices that will make your riding experience just a little bit better.

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The Best Black Friday Deals for Motorcyclists

Thanksgiving means it’s time for family, football, turkey, and, of course, Black Friday shopping. While you’ve been scarfing down stuffing or watching the Bears down the Lions (spoiler alert!), we looked around and compiled a list of some of the best Black Friday deals for motorcyclists.

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Best Revzilla Black Friday Deals 2018

It’s not Thanksgiving yet but Revzilla’s Black Friday deal is already live, with savings from 20-50% on a variety of products. We’ve highlighted some of the deals that caught our eyes below, including a selection of Dainese gear, but you can see the  full list of Black Friday sales on Revzilla.

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10 Cool Products Seen At AIMExpo 2018

We’re back from AIMExpo 2018 and have had time to noodle over what we saw at the annual event. The good news is that, by having the show a few weeks later than 2017, more 2019 motorcycles were announced, and some that were previously unveiled at Intermot were on display in Las Vegas. The tone for the show was upbeat with the aftermarket on hand to display their new wares. Naturally, you may be curious to see what caught our eye as we wandered the show floor. So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 shiny objects sighted at AIMExpo 2018.

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Cardo Scala Rider Q3 Multiset Communicator Review

As Bluetooth communications work their way into our daily lives, it’s only natural that they’d begin to become essential to our motorcycling tool kit. Up until I received the Cardo Scala Rider Q3 Multiset, I’d successfully avoided any type of communication system as part of my riding arsenal. However, a ton has changed in the last few years. Most importantly, the use of GPS turn-by-turn directions has become so common that even map lovers, like myself, have accepted that we no longer need to tape maps/directions to the bike’s tank.

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