Cardo Software Update Allows Connectivity With Major Bluetooth Comms

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

On top of your current OBi connectivity, your device can now also seamlessly communicate with the latest generation Sena, directly via the standard Bluetooth intercom.

If you're a Cardo user riding with buddies who wear comms from other brands, sometimes it can be hard to sync together. Cardo's latest software update opens the doors for Cardo communicators to sync with most other brands.

Begin press release:

Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless communication systems for powersports riders, today introduced a new software update to its cross-industry Bluetooth connectivity. With this latest software release, connecting with a non-Cardo Bluetooth unit is now as seamless and fluid as connecting via Bluetooth to another Cardo communicator. The power to bridge the gap between communicator brands via Bluetooth connectivity is yet another game-changing innovation from Cardo as it continues to persue industry-wide Bluetooth standardization and bring more riders together.

Inspired by the launch of Open Bluetooth Intercom (OBi), Cardo conducted an independent International study that proved consumers demanded a simple and intuitive process to communicate with their fellow riders who didn’t have the same brand of communicator. Despite Cardo Systems already offering class-leading cross-brand connectivity via the OBi standard, and championing its leading Mesh technology, the developers at Cardo took the challenge of including even more brands head-on. Listening to customer feedback we were able to deliver a software update that brings non participating brands into the same connectivity universe.

“In a recent survey conducted with motorcycle communicator users across the globe, Intercom connectivity with other brands was one of the most popular suggestions from respondents when asked what could be done to improve their communication experience,” said Dan Emodi, Chief Marketing Officer, Cardo Systems. “We’ve always strived to offer our own customers more and with this update we’re able to offer more independence for our users and friends using devices from other major brands, giving much greater choice, freedom and flexibility.”

With a simple Over-The-Air software update for all current 2023 Cardo devices (excluding the PACTALK SLIM), from the top-of-the-range PACKTALK EDGE to the Spirit, the new update provides simple connectivity via Bluetooth with current-generation devices from Sena, Interphone, Midland and Uclear. All users will now have the same experience as using the same intercom brand without the usual hassle of complex pairing and the frustrations such as losing a phone connection or sacrificing the ability to receive phone calls and navigation instructions. The only feature that is not supported in this cross-brand connection is music sharing, just as it’s not supported between two different generations of Cardo products.

Cardo users can simply download the latest software version from their Cardo Connect app, Over-The-Air and with no need for a cable, to activate the functionality. There is no need to press any specific button combination to pair or connect. As new versions and upgrades are made available, a pop-up in the Cardo Connect App will appear automatically.

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Troy Siahaan
Troy Siahaan

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