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Cardo Systems has been a leading manufacturer of motorcycle communicators since 2004 when it introduced the first Bluetooth headsets designed for riders. The latest from Cardo is the Packtalk Edge, a new flagship product offering faster connectivity, improved sound quality, and a more compact chassis.

The Packtalk Edge is powered by Cardo’s second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communication technology. Like the first generation, DMC gen. 2 can connect up to 15 riders within a range of up to a mile (or 1.6 km), and is self-healing, allowing riders to reconnect to the network automatically if they move out of range. The second generation system is simpler and offers a faster grouping process than earlier Cardo communicators while providing clearer wideband intercom audio for improved sound quality.

For connecting with headsets from other manufacturers, Cardo equipped the Packtalk Edge with a Bluetooth 5.2 chip, with faster pairing and improved security, while also working more efficiently to prolong battery life compared to the 4.1 chip used on previous Packtalk headsets.

cardo packtalk edge

Cardo worked with JBL to redesign the sound system for the Packtalk Edge. The 40 mm JBL speakers are the same size as the Packtalk Bold’s (though smaller than the 45 mm speakers on the Packtalk Black), but the sound quality improved thanks to a new music processor and three redesigned audio profiles.

The Cardo Packtalk Edge received a new noise-canceling microphone to better hone in on your voice. An updated Natural Voice Operation engine makes it easier to use voice commands. The Packtalk Edge responds to a number of voice commands initiated by the keywords “Hey Cardo”. New for the Packtalk Edge are voice commands for sharing music and muting or unmuting the microphone.

There are also a number of quality-of-life improvements. The Cardo Packtalk Edge’s waterproof casing is slimmer than previous communicators, and loses the pop-up antenna, making it more compact and reducing aerodynamic drag. The Packtalk Edge also comes with a magnetic “Air Mount”, replacing the clunkier “click-in” mounts on earlier headsets. Simply bring the Packtalk Edge close to the magnetic cradle and it will snap into place with little effort.

cardo packtalk edge

Like most recent smartphones and mobile devices, the Packtalk Edge ditches the previous micro USB connector for the more robust, and reversible USB Type-C connector. Not only can you finally get rid of your old micro USB cable, the Type-C port allows for fast charging, so you can get up to two hours of talk time from plugging in your Packtalk Edge for just 20 minutes. A full charge can be gained in 1.5-2 hours of charging.

The USB-C connection can be used to download and install updates from your computer, but the Cardo Packtalk Edge is also capable of Over-the-Air software updates. After downloading the software to your phone, you can wireless install the update directly to the Packtalk Edge.

The new Cardo Packtalk Edge is available at retailers now, for an MSRP of $389. For more information, visit

cardo packtalk edge
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