That’s right, to kick off Maintenance Month here at MO I’ve carefully devised this ingenious quiz to test your skillz. To limber up, what kind of motorcycle is that in our lead photo? Correct! That’s not a motorcycle at all, but an airplane. Very good. Thank God we’re not working on it. Your motorcycle can’t fall out of the sky, at least, but it certainly can jack you up if you don’t take proper care of it.

Since Playbuzz doesn’t seem to have a photo credit deal anymore, know that the hands in the blue gloves in Question 1 are those of Steve Natt, who deserves full credit for all that goes right and nothing that doesn’t. You know the rules. No googling in another window and no gum chewing. The images may or may not be there to help you. No touching the Lennon Sisters. Alright then, let’s proceed. Anybody who doesn’t get ten of these should not attempt their own repairs. Heck, you can’t miss at least one of them.