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What makes for the best motorcycle jacket comes down to a lot of different variables, not excluding rider preferences. So rather than tell you that the following jackets are unequivocally the best, we’ve decided to highlight offerings that we’ve previously included in our more focused jacket lists (textile, leather, winter, women’s etc.) to give you a smattering of what sees as some of the best jackets currently in production.

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1. REV’IT! Levante 2 H20 Women’s Jacket

In our review of the REV'IT! Levante 2 H2O Women's Jacket, our editor embarked on an adventurous and demanding test, wearing the jacket on a multi-week, cross-country motorcycle trip that traversed various climates and weather conditions. This real-world test aimed to evaluate the jacket's performance across different temperatures and weather scenarios, a testament to its versatility as a multi-season riding jacket.

The Levante 2 H2O is highlighted for its form-fitting and flattering design, combining textile and mesh materials with a removable rain liner that can be worn under or over the jacket shell, offering flexibility in unpredictable weather. The jacket's adjustability, ample storage, and comfort set it apart, earning it an impressive overall editor's score of 90%.

Key strengths include its comfort and range of motion, suitability for a wide range of temperatures, and the practicality of having numerous pockets. However, the review also notes a couple of drawbacks: the front pockets can trap heat in very hot weather, and the jacket's higher price point, coupled with limited color options, might not appeal to all riders.

Specifically designed to tackle the challenges of multi-weather conditions, the Levante 2 performed admirably from the hot and humid south to the chilly Blue Ridge Mountains and through midwest storms. The inclusion of Seeflex CE-level 2 armor at the shoulder and elbows, along with the option to add spine and chest protectors, underscores its commitment to rider safety without compromising on comfort or mobility.

The jacket's versatility was further demonstrated by its effectiveness in both desert heat and sudden rainstorms, with the removable liner proving essential for weather resistance and temperature control. The editor's journey from Southern California through various states to Brooklyn, experiencing everything from desert heat to rain and hail, showcased the jacket's capability to adapt and perform reliably across a broad spectrum of conditions.

The REV'IT! Levante 2 H2O Women's Jacket, with its balance of airflow, protection, and adaptability, alongside thoughtful details for rider convenience, establishes itself as a worthy investment for riders seeking a reliable, versatile, and protective gear for diverse riding conditions.

2. Alpinestars Caliber Jacket

In our review of the Alpinestars Caliber Jacket, the editor praised its exceptional balance of style, protection, and functionality, ideal for motorcyclists seeking a blend of sporty design with off-bike discretion. The jacket's allure begins with its aesthetic appeal, offering a sophisticated brown-toned leather that promises to age gracefully, distinguishing it from the more common black or multi-colored motorcycle gear. The Caliber Jacket scored an 84.5% overall, reflecting high marks across various criteria including aesthetics, protection, comfort, and value.

The editor emphasized the jacket's classic European fit, enhanced by strategic stretch panels ensuring a snug yet comfortable embrace, perfect for dynamic riding scenarios. These panels, along with accordion leather on the waist and shoulders, facilitate a full range of motion and accommodate additional protective gear like the Tech Air 5 vest without compromising the jacket's sleek profile.

Despite the accolades, the review does not shy away from pinpointing areas for improvement. The absence of a back protector was noted as a potential drawback for riders not opting for an airbag vest. Furthermore, while the jacket includes venting, it may not suffice in temperatures exceeding 90°F, and the actual color of the jacket was found to be darker than represented on the Alpinestars website.

Protection features include internal Level 1 CE-certified GP-R protectors at the elbows and shoulders, complemented by External Dynamic Friction Shield shoulder sliders. These elements are designed to distribute impact forces and facilitate sliding in the event of a crash, minimizing the risk of injury. The Caliber Jacket also offers the option to insert Alpinestars Nucleon back and chest protectors, enhancing its protective capabilities.

Ventilation and storage are thoughtfully integrated, with zippered vents and perforated sections promoting airflow, and various pockets providing practical solutions for carrying essentials. The inner quilted liner enhances the jacket's versatility, making it suitable for cooler climates and extending its usability across a wider range of temperatures.

The Caliber Jacket is positioned as a valuable investment for riders, offering a compelling combination of style, protection, and utility. It stands as a testament to Alpinestars' commitment to quality and rider satisfaction, delivering a product that meets the discerning tastes and demands of modern motorcyclists.

3. Spidi Clubber Jacket

Our review of the Spidi Clubber Jacket dives into its classic, rugged aesthetics paired with the exceptional comfort of Italian craftsmanship, using supple buffalo hide for construction. Scoring an 82.5% overall, the jacket impresses with its blend of style, protection, and functional design tailored to the motorcyclist's needs.

The editor highlights the jacket's instant appeal, noting its readiness to conform to the wearer's body right out of the box, a testament to the light yet sturdy nature of the buffalo leather used. The fit is particularly praised for accommodating a size 52 body comfortably, even with extra pounds, showcasing the jacket's versatile design that caters to various body types without sacrificing style or protection. However, the absence of a perforated option and limited waist adjustability for thinner individuals, alongside its premium pricing, are noted as potential drawbacks for some riders.

Drawing comparisons to the classic American Vanson jackets, the Clubber aims for a similar tough-guy aesthetic but stands out through its lighter and more flexible buffalo leather, which provides a distinct texture and a high level of comfort. The lack of perforation, typically a concern for ventilation in hot weather, is somewhat mitigated by the jacket's lightweight construction and cotton tartan lining, which offers better air circulation and moisture absorption compared to heavier, less breathable materials.

Protection is a key focus, with the inclusion of Warrior Lite CE Level 1 armor in the elbows and shoulders, offering substantial impact resistance. The snug fit enhances the effectiveness of the protective elements, ensuring they remain in place during a crash. Additionally, the jacket is prepared to integrate an optional Warrior back protector, further extending its safety features.

Our reviewer found that the Spidi Clubber Jacket represents a valuable investment for riders seeking a blend of classic style, advanced protection, and unmatched comfort. Its unique qualities, such as the exceptional suppleness of buffalo leather and the jacket's overall construction quality, justify the investment, making it a versatile addition to any motorcyclist's wardrobe. The Spidi Clubber, with its distinct character and attention to detail, offers a fresh alternative to traditional leather jackets, providing both style and substance for the discerning rider.

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