The perfect solution for being able to ride year-round would be to have gear that can handle all four seasons. Wait – we do! That’s exactly what this list is about. Well, at least your upper half, anyway. What you’ll find below are our picks for four-season motorcycle jackets. You’ll notice as you scroll down that most of these jackets are touring-oriented. The reason is pretty simple: those are typically the riders that will face the gamut of weather extremes on just one ride. So, if a jacket will work for them in extreme conditions, chances are they’ll handle your ride to work in December just fine. Assuming you’re not working from home, that is.

Before we jump to the list, realize that while these jackets are made to handle all four seasons, by that very definition these jackets are a compromise. None of these jackets will outperform a dedicated summer jacket in the middle of July, but if you truly only have the budget for one jacket, and are willing to sweat a little, all of these picks are very versatile.

1. Editor's Choice: Alpinestars Men's Andes v3 Drystar Motorcycle Jacket

The Alpinestars Andes jacket is one of the company’s best-selling touring jackets of all time. Constructed using Alpinestars’ proprietary Drystar waterproof and breathable membrane, its long-sleeve thermal liner keeps you warm on cold days and when it’s hot outside you can simply take it out and store it in the attached compartment in the lower back of the jacket. Full-length zippers along the sides reveal ventilation channels for further cooling on hot days, too.

Pre-contoured sleeves with stretch panels at the elbows make the Andes ultra comfortable in the riding position, and the bicep and forearm snaps ensure a proper fit to your arms. Huge front pockets offer lots of storage. The Andes v3 also provides pockets for optional Nucleon chest and back protectors. With these provisions in mind, the jacket achieves a CE Class A certification. For an additional level of protection, the Andes v3 Jacket is also compatible with the Alpinestars Tech-Air 5 airbag system.

2. Aerostich Darien Jacket

Aerostich has been around for nearly as long as Ryan Adams has been alive, and one of its OG products is this, the Darien jacket. Layer up or layer down, the Darien is Aerostich’s entry into the one-jacket-does-it-all category. To quote ‘Stich literature, the Darien is “Built for hard everyday wear, long trips and extreme adventure and endurance riding. Whether you are heading across town or across Siberia, this is the toughest most reliable single-layer textile jacket and pants available.”

There’s a reason why the Darien has such staying power. Because it works. In fact, here’s more from Aerostich to tell you why:

Exclusive features include a tough abrasion-resistant Mil-spec 500 Denier Cordura GORE-TEX breathable/waterproof outer fabric, removable hard shell TF3 or TF6 elbow and shoulder armor, generous 3M Scotchlite reflective areas, adjustable anti-flutter sleeve tabs, and removable magnetic collar clasps.

The Darien also accommodates optional TLTec fleece liners that fit perfectly inside this outer jacket. The liner’s underarm vent zippers line up, and everything works together perfectly.

Those optional reversible TLTec liners are perfect on cool mornings and for all ‘off-the-bike’ wear, too. They fold into their own compact zippered pockets, and can be attached to your bike or worn on a belt like a fanny pack. With new construction, an optional zip-in liner zipper (#375) is available at no charge.

3. Cortech Sequoia Jacket

The Cortech Sequoia is quite a do-it-all jacket, with features you won’t find in some other jackets. It is constructed with abrasion resistant 600D Carbolex, rip stop material and 1680D ballistic polyester. Embedded within is a removable waterproof and breathable Rainguard barrier so you stay dry and protected from Mother Nature. For hot weather, or if you’re riding off-road in slow, technical terrain, the Sequoia allows you to remove the zippered sleeves altogether. Of course, we don’t recommend this if you’re moving along down pavement at speed, but we can see where there would be situations for it.

Further relief from the heat comes from the modular backpack/hydration pack integrated into the jacket design. Two removable chest pockets cover large mesh panels for even more ventilation, while a large rear ventilation panel lets air flow from front to back.

Storage doesn’t need to be a concern as the sleeve pocket, two zippered hand warmer pockets and a rear bellows pocket with incorporated fanny pack provide mega storage. Removable, C.E. approved armor at the elbows and shoulder protect from impact, and a triple density back protector helps protect the spine, too.

4. Firstgear Kilimanjaro Textile Jacket

The iconic Firstgear Kilimanjaro jacket is well known, and recent updates have made it even better. A nylon-shell exterior is bonded with a PTFE laminate that’s not only durable and long-lasting, but also waterproof and breathable. Impact protection is provided via D3O padding that feels soft and pliable under normal conditions but instantly hardens upon impact, making for a comfortable fit during normal usage while still providing excellent load distribution once you hit the ground. You’ll find it in the shoulders, elbows, and the back pad. Adjustable waist straps help ensure a proper fit for a wide range of body types, while the top shoulder vents feature straps to keep them open for maximum airflow, no matter the riding position. Each Kilimanjaro comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Note: The link below will lead you to the women’s version of the Kilimanjaro.

5. Joe Rocket Women's Atomic 5.0 Jacket

Obviously women need a versatile four-season jacket too, and the Joe Rocket Women’s Atomic 5.0 has them covered. Combining a waterproof-treated Rock-TEX membrane and Hitena outer shell, you get maximum weather protection and abrasion resistance. Externally accessible C.E. approved armor in shoulders elbows is standard fare. On hot rides, air can make its way into the jacket via the variable flow ventilation system with waterproof zippers – just look at the length of those zippers running down the front of the jacket to get an idea how much area gets fresh air! This vent technology has been tested in the wind tunnel, earning it patent pending status. From a comfort standpoint, full flex articulated back expansion panels allow natural range of motion, while the neoprene cuff is comfortable on the skin. Storage space comes from the two outside pockets, one internal chest pocket, and a large padded lower back storage pocket. Of cours, there’s a removable insulated full sleeve liner with an internal pocket.

6. Olympia Expedition II Women's Jacket

Another great four-season jacket for women, the Expedition is tailored for women with a form flattering hourglass shape that also offers major adjustability at the arms, torso, and hips. Olympia’s exclusive Three-Layer system is the perfect answer for all-weather, multi-season riding. The first layer is a 500 and 1000 D Cordura shell for maximum abrasion resistance. Olympia’s Mega Vent Panel System goes from total wind blockage to completely open airflow within seconds. In addition, zip down Cordura panels at the chest, arms, and back open mesh panels for that little extra airflow.

The second layer is a fully functional rain jacket you can wear either over or under the main jacket, depending on conditions. Clever packaging hides a knit hood with a rubberized lower to keep out water. Better still, this hood fits comfortably under a helmet.

Lastly, the third layer consists of a removable full sleeve thermal layer with Thermolite insulation. This layer can be worn under the rain jacket or the main outer shell. This highly versatile system ensures the rider has a suitable level of protection – and warmth – no matter the riding conditions.

7. Revit Neptune 2 GTX Motorcycle Jacket

One of the selling points of the Neptune 2 GTX jacket is its subdued styling (assuming, of course, you opt for something other than the neon yellow color) while still being purpose-built for all-season, daily commuters and long-distance travellers looking for versatility. The jacket, as well as the accompanying pants (sold separately), are constructed from an extremely abrasion-resistant and highly breathable Teflon-coated outer shell, while inside you will find a separately wearable and 100% waterproof Gore-Tex jacket with Paclite Technology. A thermal layer provides the defence against the cold, which will protect your core even in the coldest of weather conditions. With the waterproof and insulation layer removed, the Neptune GTX Jacket is a highly ventilated jacket, with strategically placed vents across the chest, arms, and back. Not to worry about crash protection, either, as the shell incorporates Rev’it’s award-winning SEEFLEX CE-level 2 armor at the elbows and shoulders.

8. Tourmaster Advanced Textile Jacket

A comfortable motorcycle jacket makes for a comfortable ride, and the Tourmaster Advanced jacket offers a plethora of features to keep you comfortable. CE-Approved armor and 1680 denier Ballistic material offer the highest level of protection in the shoulders and elbows. A removable insulated full-sleeve liner allows you to adjust to varying conditions, while vents in the shoulder, chest, and back help maximize air flow. A waterproof, breathable Rain guard barrier in the jacket allows the vents to work while helping keep you dry.

9. Klim Apex Jacket

The Klim Apex jacket is inspired by racers and their pursuit of chasing perfection, lap after lap. To that end, Klim guarantees the Apex will keep you dry thanks to its Gore-Tex three-layer shell and YKK water-resistant zippers. Leather overlays on the shoulders and elbows add a little extra abrasion protection in a fall, while D3O armor in the shoulders, elbow, and back provide next-level impact protection. As far as ventilation goes, several vent panels, including two huge, oblong panels behind the side pockets let in lots of air. There are no less than 11(!) pockets throughout the jacket, with several snaps and adjusters to tailor the fit accordingly.


Should a motorcycle jacket be tight?

In a perfect world, all of your gear would fit skin tight and be ultra-comfortable. That way the armor inside won’t have a chance to shift or roll in case you fall. The world obviously isn’t perfect, and we need to allow some additional space for comfort, flexibility, and to have the option of adding layers when riding in cold weather.

Of course, you also don’t want to wear a jacket that’s obviously too big. Extra bagginess, sleeves extending past your wrists, or an overall profile well below your waistline are a few signs your jacket may be too big. Some four-season jackets will extend slightly past the waistline, but should still be form-fitting. The key word here is “slightly.”

What is a four-season motorcycle jacket?

It’s what the name implies – a single jacket you can wear during all four seasons. These jackets tend to be thick and bulky, since it has to be able to provide warmth in the winter and keep you dry if it rains. These winter and rain layers are removable for warmer riding, and four-season jackets also have as much ventilation as possible for airflow during the summer. Ultimately, our experience has shown that, while four-season jackets do an admirable job of keeping you warm and protected when it’s cold (although additional layers are still recommended on very cold rides), they are simply too loose – and still too hot – when riding in the summer with all the layers removed.

What is the best all-weather motorcycle jacket?

Look at the choices above. Those are good places to start. There really is no single answer to this question. Different riders have different wants, needs, and tastes, which makes picking just one jacket virtually impossible. However, the best way to answer this question is to take inventory of what’s most important to you in an all-weather jacket and choose the one that checks as many of the boxes as possible. Keep in mind, though, that a comfortable fit should be most important. A jacket with every feature in the world is useless if it just sits in the closet because it’s uncomfortable.

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