Best Motorcycle Touring Tires for Going Further

John Burns
by John Burns

Tires that never get tired

Pity the poor fool who’s got nothing to do for a week or two but roll around on his motorcycle – no job, no cares, no particular place to be. And if you’re fortunate enough to have all those things working in your favor, chances are you’re carrying around quite a bit of loot in the saddlebags and trunk of your Goldwing, Ultra Glide or big BMW K-bike – possibly even an accomplice. What you want on all of those bikes are tires that stick to the pavement, wet or dry, upright or dragging peg, carry a heavy load safely, and preferably wear like iron. Is that too much to ask?

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1. Pirelli Angel GT Tires

Unfortunately, the Pirelli Angel GT II tire has been discontinued in North America, otherwise that would be our top recommendation. So instead, that honor goes to the original Pirelli Angel GT tire. We've been using and covering the Pirelli Angel GT for over a decade now and it's our top recommendation for the best motorcycle touring tire.

The Pirelli Angel GT Tires are designed for sport touring and commuting, praised for their durability and performance. They're ideal for high power sport and sport touring motorcycles with a dual compound design that supports enhanced handling in corners and durability in the center for longer life and better wet traction. The tires are available in (W)-rated versions for speeds over 168 mph and (V)-rated versions for speeds up to 149 mph, catering to sport riders seeking improved mileage without compromising on grip and traction. They are categorized as Extended Mileage Sport (EMS) tires, offering leading performance in both mileage and grip. The rear tires incorporate a Bi-compound formula for better cornering traction, with "A Spec" variants featuring a reinforced, 2-ply carcass. In addition, these tubeless tires are noted for their improved wet grip.

2. Bridgestone Battlax T32 Sport Touring Tires

The Bridgestone Battlax T32 Sport Touring Tires build upon the foundations set by the T31 models, introducing enhancements in performance and safety. The tires feature a new tread pattern designed for more efficient water evacuation, combined with a silica-rich compound that delivers a 7 percent reduction in wet stopping distance compared to their predecessors. This improvement aims to improve rider confidence under wet conditions.

In addition, these tires offer increased cornering grip and feel, thanks to a 13 percent larger rear contact patch than the T31 models. Bridgestone has tailored the Battlax T32 tires for riders who demand reliable performance in any weather condition. A GT Spec variant is available for heavier bikes, offering added stability and a 10 percent increase in wear life over the T31 GT Spec.

3. Continental Road Attack 4 Tires

The Continental Road Attack 4 Tires are designed for durability and versatile grip across various weather conditions. These tires are equipped with a performance-oriented tread pattern and an advanced compound, enhancing grip in both wet and dry environments. They are suitable for riders looking for tires that perform consistently throughout the year.

The tires feature a faster warm-up time in cold and wet conditions, improving wet grip when it's cold and slippery. Handling is another highlight for this option, with features designed for optimal cornering grip. The TractionSkin technology incorporated into the tires minimizes the break-in period, allowing them to be used immediately after installation. This helps provide a reliable, long-lasting tire option for all-season riding.


What is the best touring motorcycle tire?

There are several factors to consider for determining the best touring tires for your motorcycle. You will need to consider how much you plan to ride, how frequently you expect to face wet conditions, and, of course, how much you want to spend.

You’ll also need to make sure to find tires that are suitable for your motorcycle’s wheel sizes. Most major tire manufacturers offer a wide selection of tire sizes, so chances are they’ll have you covered. Still, it’s important to make sure to read your bike’s owner’s manual to check for the proper tire sizes.

How long do touring motorcycle tires last?

Generally speaking, touring tires are designed to last for thousands upon thousands of miles, but will vary depending on the tire, its rubber compound, and the manufacturer. How long they last will also depend on how much load you typically carry, as riding with full luggage and a passenger will put more wear on your rear tire.

Check your tires frequently for signs of damage such as cracking sidewalls or uneven wear. It’s also important to check the tread depth. Federal and state regulations dictate 1/32″ to 2/32″ of tread depth.

Recent Updates:

Recent Updates

  • February 9, 2024: Reduced our list of recommendations to three options, which are based on our personal experiences and reviews, in addition to feedback from trusted fellow Motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • September 2022: Replaced Amazon links with Revzilla links, added Metzeler Cruisetec Tires.

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    My Triumph Street Twin gets about 7500kms out of a rear Metzler Roadtech tire. Excellent grip and wet weather performance.

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