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Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield

Protect your pride and joy from bad guys

We know that this won’t come as a surprise to you, but there are bad people out in the world, people who think that they should have your motorcycle. While we probably all agree that these dirtbags should be strung up by their thumbs with their toes ever-so-lightly touching a fire ant hill, we’re not here to think about retribution. Instead, let’s try to keep our motorcycles in our own possession. Here at MO, we’ve written about the importance of locks when it comes to keeping your bike safe. However, you can go even further in to protect your ride by using a motorcycle alarm.

Best Motorcycle Locks

Bike alarms typically are one of two varieties. The less-expensive option is to combine the lock and alarm into one noise-making security device. While these are not as secure as the category of hidden alarm systems, which can optionally kill the ignition, they do allow your bike to scream for help when someone tampers with it. Within this more secure group, a wide array of options becomes available, including GPS tracking or remote notification.

The current problem with motorcycle alarms is that the market has been inundated with extremely cheap alarms of questionable quality. Would you really want to trust your motorcycle to an $18 bicycle alarm that is zip-tied to a frame member. This is the type of stuff that we’re trying to avoid. Unfortunately, the signal-to-noise ratio is on the low side, requiring a little research on your part. This buyer’s guide is an attempt to turn up the squelch so that you can find the level of protection that meets your budget.

So, if you have a bike that you love, and you’d like to keep it, perhaps, you should look at the alarm systems below to see what steps you can take to prevent motorcycle theft.

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Xena XX-14 Disc Lock with Alarm

The Xena XX-14 Disc Lock with Alarm secures your bike’s brake disc and features a 110db alarm that sounds for 10 seconds when the lock/bike is jostled. According to Xena, the lock/alarm is waterproof with a long-lasting battery that is easy to replace with the included tool. The locking pin is 14mm in diameter and the case is constructed of high nickel-content stainless-steel.

Tracker Monimoto 7

Monimoto 7 is a brand new GPS tracker for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and other vehicles. The wireless Monimoto unit is installed somewhere out of the way on the bike where it lives until it is time for the roughly annual battery swap. The secret sauce of the Monimoto tracker is that it calls the rider when the unit detects that their motorcycle is being tampered with, giving them the opportunity to prevent a theft. If the bike is stolen, the Monimoto tracker helps the owner track and recover the stolen vehicle by sending the GPS location of the bike.

Main features and benefits:
  • Uses LTE-M network that works Globally
  • Wireless and autonomous so it won’t drain motorcycles’ battery
  • DIY installation – installing Monimoto is as easy as setting up pair of headphones
  • Small and compact, so harder for thieves to detect
  • Calls your phone when any suspicious activity is detected
  • Everything can be controlled via the Monimoto app on any iPhone or Android device

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Oxford OF3 Boss Alarm Disc Lock

Oxford is a name brand in the motorcycle lock world, and the Oxford OF3 Boss Alarm Disc Lock combines the company’s durable disc lock with a 100db siren. Independently tested, the Oxford Boss Alarm Lock is water, vibration, frost, and heat proof. It is also easy to use featuring a removable, sealed unit alarm module, making it easy to change the batteries. Comes with batteries and a free Minder Cable included and now with a longer shackle can be used either as a padlock with a chain or as a Disc Lock. A version with a 6-foot triple heat-hardened 12mm square link chain is also available.

Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm with 2-Way Paging System

The Gorilla Cycle Alarm with 2-way Pager offers protection for motorcycle enthusiasts that want the ability to keep track of their bike’s security at all times. The alarm features an internal tilt sensor that triggers the alarm when the motorcycle is moved off of its side stand. The Shock Sensor triggers with impact and is adjustable to 7 levels of sensitivity. The 2-Stage feature allows the siren to give a ‘warn-away’ chirp for light impacts and to fully trigger for larger impacts. Finally, the Current Sensor detects changes in battery voltage and triggers the alarm if the bike is started. Every function of the alarm can be monitored on the pager’s LED screen from up to 1/2 mile away.

Scorpio SRX-900 Security System

The Scorpio SRX-900 is an easy to install security system that is compatible with just about any 12V motorcycle. Installation is as simple as connecting a wire to each battery terminal and one to a switched accessory wire. The SRX-900 system has been optimized to use as little power as possible. 

For its sensing mechanism, the SRX-900 utilizes a built-in dual-axis accelerometer that is able to detect both impacts and changes of angle. This allows the module to be mounted in any position or angle without reducing its effectiveness. Should the system detect that something is amiss, it will activate its built-in 120 dB siren and notify all paired remote controls within a 1/2 mile.

Disarming is simple. Once the remote is detected, the system disarms itself automatically, no need to fish around in your pocket with your gloves on. Once your ride is over and the remote goes out of RFID range (2-3 feet), the system automatically rearms itself until you and the remote return. 

Scorpio Maverick Security System

The Scorpio Maverick Security System utilizes industry-leading technology that will alert you via push notifications on your smartphone for any disturbances within up to a 2-mile range. The included key fob remote contains RFID technology to automatically arm and disarm your Maverick system as you’re in close proximity. This alarm system is truly hands-free. With an Alert History list in the Maverick app, you’ll know exactly what time an alert trigger happened. 

Installation is straightforward with a universal 3-wire harness. Just connect a wire to each battery terminal and one to a switched accessory wire. A free app is available for Apple and Android devices and does not require a subscription. 

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