MO Tested: Muc-Off Secure AirTag Holder For Powersports Review

Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield

Another layer of theft protection for your motorcycle

Some products are so simple that you can grasp them at a single glance, and while the Muc-Off Secure AirTag Holder For Powersports may appear that way, a lot of thought clearly went into constructing it. Apple AirTags are little discs a tad bigger than a quarter that leverage the massive number of iPhones wandering around the streets to track an item’s location. I’ve been using AirTags in my luggage on international flights for a while and have been able to tell my airline where my bag was when I somehow found myself on a different continent from it. The idea is the same here: You mount the Muc-Off AirTag Holder on your bike, and it pings Apple’s servers with its location whenever an iPhone passes through its range. So, if your bike gets stolen, you may be able to supply police with an address to reclaim your property.

Muc-Off AirTag Holder

While not foolproof, this cleverly designed holder for Apple AirTags hides away in the crannies of your bike, allowing you to track it if it is stolen.


  • Securely attaches to wiring harness
  • Inconspicuous design
  • Perfect fit for AirTag


  • Pricey
  • Not waterproof
  • Primarily for use in well-populated areas

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The construction is pretty basic. Two heat-resistant polymer halves of the case contain your AirTag and get secured to a billet-aluminum holder with security torx screws. Then you take one of the four supplied silicone inserts and wrap it around a section of the wiring harness in an obscure place under your bike's bodywork. Finally, another security screw locks it in place.

The Muc-Off AirTag Holder’s about as basic as you can get since it’s designed just to hold an AirTag and nothing else. Note the lack of O-ring, meaning that the holder is not waterproof. The AirTag is water resistant.

The Muc-Off AirTag Holder’s construction seems logical. The polymer allows for radio-signal transmission while the aluminum addresses the potential for plastic to become brittle over the long-term exposure to heat that the holder will likely face. This, along with the super-secure mounting, is what makes the Muc-Off AirTag Holder appeal to me over the significantly cheaper plastic holders that you place with double-stick tape.

However, the construction and perceived durability leads to my primary issue with the Muc-Off AirTag Holder, its price. At $60, it’s the most expensive holder I’ve seen available by, in some cases, 100%. Admittedly, the beefy construction warrants a higher price, but this seems a bit much. Finally, some shortcomings of this security method should be mentioned, even if they are not the fault of this holder. First, iPhones need to frequent the area where the bike is stored or transported to if stolen in order for the tracking to work. Second, if the thieves have an iPhone, they will be notified that an AirTag that is not paired with them is traveling with them. Best case scenario is that they, once receiving the notification, abandon your motorcycle (as I suspect happened here), and you recover it. This is why it is so important to hide the holder well. However, don’t make it impossible to reach because you’ll need to replace the AirTag battery every year or so.

These silicone adapters will snug the holder onto a variety of wire harness sizes. Select a tight fit to minimize the holder’s movement. The security torx screws need the adapter (bottom) to be installed or removed.

The Muc-Off AirTag Holder offers a secure, sturdy means of hiding an AirTag on your motorcycle to (hopefully) help you recover it if it gets stolen. While pricey, the holder appears to be the most durable holder I’ve encountered on the market for motorcycle or similar use. If you’re considering using an AirTag to augment your bike security, I recommend adding a Muc-Off AirTag Holder to your arsenal.

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The Muc-Off AirTag Holder is hidden away to make it difficult for thieves to find on a quick lookover.


Where can I hide my AirTag on my motorcycle?

You can hide an AirTag just about anywhere on a motorcycle that doesn’t get too hot or too wet. Obviously, under the seat is an easy spot but one that thieves will find easily. The better option is to locate it under the bodywork in a hard-to-reach place. Also, don’t trust tape or any other glue-based method for securing it. Tapes and glues lose some of their grip when hot. Finally, an AirTag is only water resistant. So, don’t place it where it will get splashed directly by water.

Is an AirTag good for preventing bike theft?

There is no deterrent value in an AirTag. The whole idea is to hide it where it can’t be found so that it can help you recover your bike if it is stolen. Consider the AirTag a backup to your security plan.

Does AirTag work inside a motorcycle frame?

No. The metal of a motorcycle frame blocks the radio signals that an AirTag needs to share its location. Using the bodywork or wiring harness would be a better option for hiding an AirTag.

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