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John Burns
by John Burns
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Don’t make it easy for the bastards

Any lock is better than no lock – including your bike’s built-in steering lock, which might prevent the average drunk from rolling it down the alley. At the same time, not even the burliest, most expensive lock is invincible if it’s up against an angle grinder in a forest where there’s no one to hear it scream, or a tree fall. Some locks, however, are way better than others. There’s an entire continuum of convenience and security, price and peace of mind.

Determine what fits your needs and bottom line, then use your lock. Or locks: Experts agree that multiple locks are another good way to go. It’s best to secure your bike to an immovable object to deter perps from rolling it into the back of a van. But anything you can do to at least make it tough to roll helps. Making it as time-consuming as possible for a thief to steal your bike is the best deterrent.

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BIGLUFU Bike Lock Scooter Bicycle Motorcycle Cable Chain Lock - $13

Let’s start with an example of what you don’t want. How not to do it. While a cheap cable/combination lock like this might be okay for securing your battered beach cruiser to the Burger King dumpster for 15 minutes during a dysenteric interlude, that twirly combination lock is easy to pick, and that stranded cable is easy prey for the cheapest of bolt cutters. Looping it through your motorcycle spokes isn’t going to deter many thieves.

Bottom Line

  • Amateur night

Kryptonite Evolution Disc Lock - $43

This is a step in the right direction to keep people from riding off on your motorcycle. Compact and light enough to carry around in your backpack or clamped onto your subframe, it’s going to take some real work to get it off your brake disc; this Kryptonite version’s double deadbolt locking mechanism and anti-drill, anti-pull protection system make it tough to pick, too. These can be had with alarms if your bike is usually parked within earshot. A disc lock on the front wheel also means it’s going to take more than one miscreant to throw your baby in back of a van.

Bottom Line

  • Serious deterrent

E-Bike Kryptolok Folding Lock by Kryptonite - $93

These flat, folding locks are the latest thing with the bicycle crowd, which you probably noticed in the name of this one. This one’s 39 inches of 5mm-thick hardened steel plates, linked with heavy-duty rivets. The main advantage is that bolt cutters aren’t going to be able to cut it.

best motorcycle locks

Also, it folds up into an easy transportable package that weighs less than three pounds. Depending on your motorcycle, you can either chain a wheel through the frame or swingarm, or better yet chain your bike to something permanent.

Bottom Line

  • Convenient and easy to carry

Kryptonite Stronghold Security Anchor - $73

Really, your motorcycle is only as secure as the thing it’s chained to. If you have a fixed place to park every day that’s not as secure as it could be – an underground parking garage for instance – sinking something like this into the concrete via 5/8-inch cement  bolts will go a long way toward keeping people from making off with your bike. Masonry drill bits included.

Bottom Line

  • We're gonna need a bigger jackhammer

ABUS 1060/170 Granit CityChain X-Plus Chain lock, Black, 67-inch - $187

Now we’re getting serious. This 67-inch, 8-pound chain is a bit heavy for carrying around every day, but its length and strong, X-Plus pick-proof lock are going to give you the flexibility to secure your motorcycle to an immovable object just about anywhere you go. Two keys included, one with LED flashlight.

Bottom Line

  • It'll take time to grind through this one

Schlage 12mm Noose Security Chain (No Lock) – $70

Maybe it makes sense to roll your own? This heavy-duty 5-foot chain has 1/2-inch heat-treated manganese steel links that resist attacks from bolt cutters, saws, hammers and chisels – it’s designed to secure things in high-risk areas.

Bottom Line

  • Buy two and make your bike twice as secure

Abus 83CS/55-300 Zero-Bitted S2 Schlage 55mm Rekeyable Padlock Solid Steel Chrome Plated Body – $79

Abus makes good stuff in Germany. This lock’s shrouded shackle provides extra protection against bolt cutters and prying, and its dual ball bearing mechanism resists pulling and prying. A hardened steel body offers the best resistance against attacks by brute force, and a patented chrome plating process makes it  extremely corrosion resistant while it perfectly complements your bike. (If it costs less than $20, it’s not much of a lock, sorry.)

Bottom Line

  • They won't be expecting this

Scorpio Maverick Security System

If you’ve done all you can do with locks and chains, step two might be to track and recover your precious. Unlike lots of trackers which require a $20 or more monthly fee, this Scorpio system does not. Hide the unit somewhere on your bike, hook it up using the 3-wire harness, and download the App on your phone. From there, you’ll receive push notifications whenever anybody touches your baby.

Bottom Line

  • Stealth technology

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  • Jack Meoph Jack Meoph on Jul 21, 2020

    The Kryto evo looks interesting, but I like their MC specific small pin brake disk lock. You can put it right next to the caliper and it seems ummm secure. I think I have 7 different locks for 5 bikes, which are all kept in an alarmed garage with the automatic door disabled, and also secured. When I ride, the only time I seem to be off the bike is if I need gasoline.

  • LookinKool LookinKool on Jul 28, 2020

    For home use I have a compact organic motion detector alarm system...