Would You Buy A 2018 CB1100 RS?

Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke

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We picked up one of the new CB1100 EXs from Honda last week, and so far we’re impressed with its higher level of finish and new suspension with better control. Stay tuned for our review of the $12,199 retro machine in the coming weeks.

CB1100 Preview

And that made us think back to when the EX was announced at Intermot last autumn, and we were reminded about the sportier RS version that is available in other markets (visible at the top of this page). It features radial 4-piston brake calipers mounted to a beefier fork and also remote-reservoir shocks out back, along with cast aluminum wheels replacing the wire-spokers on the EX. It retails in England for 11,139 Pounds, which is only 374 Pounds more than the EX. That’s about $500 USD.

would you buy a 2018 cb1100 rs, The CB1100 RS in black is sandwiched between two EXs The red bike in the foreground is an EX identical to the one we re currently testing
The CB1100 RS in black is sandwiched between two EXs. The red bike in the foreground is an EX identical to the one we’re currently testing.

So, the question American Honda must be asking is how many prospective RS owners are out there on our continent. On the one hand, the RS retains the same docile air-cooled inline-Four 1140cc powerplant as the EX (about 84 rwhp), so it won’t offer increased acceleration performance. On the other hand, a $500 premium that nets better suspension and brakes seems like a bargain.

What do you think? Is the CB1100 RS a bike you’d consider parking in your garage for an MSRP approaching $13k?

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  • Bruce Mcdugald Bruce Mcdugald on Jan 12, 2018

    I'm a VTwin rider for the last 20 years. Have not been a fan of the modern designs and appearance but have liked the suspension and brake up grades. This is a breath of fresh air along with the other retro bikes of late.

    • Michael Long Michael Long on May 07, 2020

      The V-twin is one of the main reasons I bought two CB1100's. A 2013 and a 2017EX Model. I am tired of the V-twin clone bikes out there. I have ridden enough of them. Everyone rides one. Besides, the 2017 CB1100EX is way prettier than about any bike out there. And, yes the huge in-line four should be delivering about 125 HP not 86, but it looks awesome, rides smooth and has the best brakes I have ever stopped a bike with.

  • Michael Long Michael Long on Nov 01, 2019

    I currently own a Beautiful red, 2013 model, and YES, I will buy a 2018 model, in yellow please, for 13K! You nay sayers, go buy a CB1000R, it is what you want anyway, but not me. PS I already own a Kawasaki Z900RS. Why would I want another clone like the CB1000R? PSS..Until you ride the CB1000 and feel what a smooth engine is about, you really cannot put your 2 cents in.