Phillip Island Via Aprilia

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Second and third lap time for Troy Corser and Regis Laconi. Bayliss gotthe qualifying session's best time. Corsers's RSV Mille is a rocket, 301.7Kph on the short Phillip Island straight -- top -speed!

Starting the qualifying session of today, Troy Corser immediately startsto push for the lap time to move him up the grid .He got the top of thegrid until a couple of minutes before the end, when Bayliss smashed himabout two tenth of second and finishing the session at the top...

It's already a challenge between the two Australians. Regis Laconi takesthe carbon guard off from his knee, looking for a much better racingfeeling and immediately he could get a good result: third!

At the end ofthe qualifying session he had a bit knee pain that he could easily beardue to the riding advantages. RSV Mille is flying on the track, Corserpushed it to 301.7 Kph on the short Australian track straight. Top speedin the morning also, during the free qualifying session; 300Kph.

"Perfect Bike set-up, and an incredible engine" said Troy Corser. "Iwill modify only a bit the final ratio, even if today's one it's Ok. Ihave a good line out to the last turn before the start-finish straight,I can use al the engine power so I reached the top speed. Fantasticset-up with the qualifying tire, it will be the same also with the racetires. Moreover, the track grip is improving. I am very satisfied abouttoday and tomorrow we will set only the last details".

"I would improve my riding feeling so I decided to take off the carbonguard" said Regis Laconi. "I agreed the trainer opinion so we consideredthis way also. The bike feeling is getting much better and I can suffera bit more pain when I get out to the bike. But the lap time improvedand I was pushing hard. The third lap time of today showed that Ireached a good bike feeling. I tested many tires for the race, so Icould find a good one. With the qualifying tires I was not so lucky ,atfirst a racers was going into the turn so slowly that almost I was down,than such a kind of traffic."

Qualifying:1° Bayliss (Ducati) 1'33.577 -2° Corser (Aprilia Axo) 1'33.733 -3° Laconi (Aprilia Axo) 1'33.867 -4° Chili (Suzuki) 1'34.003 -5° Edwards (Honda) 1'34.186 -6° Bostrom (Ducati) 1'34.340 -7° Okada (Honda) 1'34.456 -8° Lavilla (Kawasaki) 1'34.613 -9° Xaus (Ducati) - 1'34.634 -10° Yanagawa (Kawasaki) 1'34.716.
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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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